Core Network definition

Core Network means the transport infrastructure identified in accordance with Chapter III of Regulation (EU) No 1315/2013;
Core Network means BT’s network infrastructure between and including the POP, but does not include the Access Line between your Site(s) and the POP.
Core Network means the communications equipment and communication lines and circuits provided by Connaught excluding the Access Services, the Public Internet and the Customer Premises Equipment, for the provision of the Telephony Services.

Examples of Core Network in a sentence

  • A listing of Core Network Personal Physicians, specialists, women’s health care providers and KFHPWA- designated Specialists is available by contacting Member Services or accessing the KFHPWA website at

  • MOSPF [RFC 1584] (desirable) Network ManagementIn addition to the Core Network Management requirement (Section, each Network Router shall include the following:a.

  • Access to non-Emergency care across the Core network service area: your Plan provides access to all providers in the Core Network, including many physicians and services at Kaiser Permanente medical facilities and Core Network facilities across the state.

  • The Core Network, from which the roads to be improved are selected, is prepared at the block level in consultation with the concerned Panchayats and consolidated at the district level.

  • Enrollees are entitled to Covered Services only at Core Network Facilities and from Core Network Providers, except for Emergency services and care pursuant to a Preauthorization.

More Definitions of Core Network

Core Network means the transport infrastructure identified according to Chapter III of Regulation (EU) No XXXX/2012 [TENT-T Guidelines];
Core Network means that part of rail network (excluding the Branch Line and other branch lines, and including the Access Route) that is Transnet's primary network, designated by Transnet as such, from time to time, in its sole discretion;
Core Network means a network whose primary function is not to support the provision of access services to end users but to switch or route traffic between other nodes in the Communications Providers network;
Core Network is defined as the network infrastructure and equipment which is operated by PacketFabric for the purposes of connecting one Core Location to another.
Core Network means Granite’s core network and associated equipment utilized to provide and deliver On-Net Services, whether owned, leased or otherwise obtained by Granite, between the points where traffic enters the core network equipment and the point where it leaves Granite’s core network equipment.
Core Network means the Rogers core network. This includes all network infrastructure between, and including the Network Access Points.
Core Network means the transport infrastructure identified in accordance with Chapter III of Regulation (EU) No1315/2013;