Work History definition

Work History list details from most recent to past. State the employer’s name and how long you were there. State your position and the key duties involved in the role; • Additional Information: e.g.: First Aid certificates, Drivers Licences, Operators Tickets etc; • Referees: you are required to provide the name and contact telephone numbers of two (2) work related referees who can provide objective and honest feedback about your work experience and performance, and where possible, how it relates to the selection criteria. Preferably these referees will be your current or most recent supervisor.
Work History means the number of hours an individual worked in the specified time period.
Work History means the chronological breakdown and summary of the Contractor's experience in providing similar services over a minimum of the last 5 years. This information may be passed to the Client by the Company if requested by the Client.

Examples of Work History in a sentence

  • The required Work History and Quality Form – Contractor/Designer may be downloaded from the SCDOT Design-Build Website under the SCDOT Design-Build Standard Forms Section at

  • The Work History Forms shall not exceed one (1) page per project for each the Lead Contractor and the Lead Designer.

  • The format and appearance, including existing text, of the Key Personnel Resume Form and the Work History Forms should not be modified.

  • In support thereof, Bidder submits the attached Sworn Work History Statement.

  • The SOQ Checklist, Form C-78-RFQ, List of Affiliated and Subsidiary Companies, Debarment Forms, Offeror’s VDOT Prequalification Certificate, Surety Letter, SCC and DPOR Information Tables, Full size SCC and DPOR supporting registration/ license documentation, Key Personnel Resume Forms, and Work History Forms shall be included in appendices and these documents shall not be counted against the above-referenced page limit.

  • The following are the mandatory submission of a successful tender bid; • Pricing Schedule • Program of Works • Company Profile (Max 2 pages in standard A4) o Work History - Project/ Work done with referee, EFL work history.

  • The format and appearance of the Key Personnel Resume Form and the Work History Forms should not be modified.

  • All printing, except for the front cover of the Statement of Qualifications, should be Times New Roman, with a font of 12-point (Times New Roman 10 point font may be used for filling out information on the Key Personnel Resume Form and the Work History Forms).

  • Each abbreviated copy of the Statement of Qualifications shall include identical copies of the following information that was included in the original Statement of Qualifications:• The Letter of Submittal• Evaluation Criteriao Offeror’s Team Structureo Experience of the Offeror’s Teamo Project Risks• Key Personnel Resume Forms• Work History Forms The Key Personnel Resume Forms and Work History Forms shall be included in appendices.

  • If additional Work History and Quality Forms are required to satisfy the requirements of this section, they shall be included in the Appendix C and will not be counted against the specified page limit in Section 5.2.2. In the SOQ Narrative, indicate if any individual or firm has been suspended, debarred, disqualified from bidding, or declared ineligible for work by any entity or are any such actions pending against them within the last five years.

More Definitions of Work History

Work History. Manager Design Engineering - California Manufacturing Technology Center providing design and production solutions to small and medium California manufacturers. Technical Manager and staff engineer - Xxxxxxxxxx PLC in the manufacturing of aircraft transparencies and composite products for the marine and aerospace markets. Project Engineer - Ford Aerospace involved in missile and land vehicle manufacture and design of mechanical systems and components and in the development of battery products. System Engineer - Xxxxxxx Corporation assigned to the design and construction of fossil and nuclear power plants. Design Engineer - Ocean Systems Inc. involved in the design of submersibles, undersea piping, winches and buoys. EDUCATION: BS in Mechanical Engineering, California State University at Los Angeles MS in Mechanical Engineering, California State University at Los Angeles RECENT COURSES: Rapid Prototyping. Product Acceleration: Proven Design Techniques for Reducing Time to Market. Advanced Finite Element Linear Stress Analysis. Designing Injection molded Parts for Assembly. PROFESSIONAL: Registered Professional Engineer in California, Member ASME, SME, SAMPE. SPECIALIZATION: MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DESIGN MANAGEMENT LANGUAGES: Fluent Spanish

Related to Work History

  • Quality Improvement means a focus on activities to improve performance above minimum standards and reasonably expected levels of performance, quality and practice.

  • Design means the appearance of the whole or a part of a product resulting from the features of, in particular, the lines, contours, colours, shape, texture and/or materials of the product itself and/or its ornamentation;

  • Contractor Software means software which is proprietary to the Contractor, including software which is or will be used by the Contractor for the purposes of providing the Services.

  • Contractor System means the information and communications technology system used by the Contractor in performing the Services including the Software, the Contractor Equipment and related cabling (but excluding the Authority System).

  • piece-work means any work the pay for which is estimated by the amount of work performed irrespective of the time occupied in its performance;

  • The Works/Project means the works to be executed or done under this contract.

  • Work crew means a program of partial confinement

  • Infrastructure improvement means permanent infrastructure that is essential for the public health and safety or that:

  • Qard means a contract of lending money whereby the borrower is obliged to repay the equivalent amount to lender.

  • Basic Comprehensive User Guide means the Ministry document titled Basic Comprehensive Certificates of Approval (Air) User Guide” dated April 2004 as amended.

  • Quality improvement organization or “QIO” shall mean the organization that performs medical peer review of Medicaid claims, including review of validity of hospital diagnosis and procedure coding information; completeness, adequacy and quality of care; appropriateness of admission, discharge and transfer; and appropriateness of prospective payment outlier cases. These activities undertaken by the QIO may be included in a contractual relationship with the Iowa Medicaid enterprise.

  • Infrastructure Improvements means a street, road, sidewalk, parking facility, pedestrian mall, alley, bridge, sewer, sewage treatment plant, property designed to reduce, eliminate, or prevent the spread of identified soil or groundwater contamination, drainage system, waterway, waterline, water storage facility, rail line, utility line or pipeline, transit-oriented development, transit-oriented property, or other similar or related structure or improvement, together with necessary easements for the structure or improvement, owned or used by a public agency or functionally connected to similar or supporting property owned or used by a public agency, or designed and dedicated to use by, for the benefit of, or for the protection of the health, welfare, or safety of the public generally, whether or not used by a single business entity, provided that any road, street, or bridge shall be continuously open to public access and that other property shall be located in public easements or rights-of-way and sized to accommodate reasonably foreseeable development of eligible property in adjoining areas. Infrastructure improvements also include 1 or more of the following whether publicly or privately owned or operated or located on public or private property:

  • Extra Work means any work which is determined by City to be necessary for the proper completion of the Project, but which the Parties did not reasonably anticipate would be necessary at the execution of this Agreement. Consultant shall not perform, nor be compensated for, Extra Work without written authorization from City’s Representative.

  • Architectural coating means a coating applied to stationary structures and their appurtenances, to mobile homes, to pavements, or to curbs.

  • Work/ works means work / works to be executed in accordance with the contract.

  • Design Criteria Professional means a firm who holds a current certificate of registration under Chapter 481 of the Florida Statutes, to practice architecture or landscape architecture, or a firm who holds a current certificate as a registered engineer under Chapter 471 of the Florida Statutes, to practice engineering, and who is employed by or under contract to the District to provide professional architect services, landscape architect services, or engineering services in connection with the preparation of the Design Criteria Package.

  • Home improvement contractor or "contractor" means a person who sells goods and services, or agrees to furnish or render services, to a retail buyer pursuant to a home improvement installment contract, or sells goods and services to a retail buyer pursuant to a home improvement charge agreement, but not in connection with construction of new homes.

  • Contractor Project Manager means the employee identified in a Statement of Work as the Contractor project manager.

  • Scope of Work means the description of Services and Deliverables specified in the Contract and as may be amended.

  • Construction Phase Services means the coordination, implementation and execution of the Work required by this Agreement, which are further defined in Article 8.

  • Scope of Works means the sections of the RFQ detailing the technical requirements of the work to be carried out as existing at the Date of Acceptance of the Quotation and any modification of such Works thereafter directed or the use of which has been permitted by the Superintendent for the purposes of the Contract.

  • Engineering means the application of scientific knowledge for the design, control, or use of building structures, equipment, or apparatus.

  • WorkSafeBC means the Workers Compensation Board, a provincial Crown corporation created pursuant to the Workers Compensation Act (British Columbia);

  • Comprehensive resource analysis means an analysis including,

  • Architectural services means those services described as the "practice of architecture," as defined in K.S.A. 74-7003, and amendments thereto.

  • Work means all Services to be performed, goods to be delivered, and any appurtenant actions performed, and items produced, conceived, or developed, including Deliverables.