Section 13.3 Sample Clauses

Section 13.3. 17 Seniority rights shall not be lost for the following reasons, without limitation:
Section 13.3. 40 Transportation must be cleared with the School District management so as to pool rides as much as 41 possible. Paid transportation expense allowed will be for the lesser of: (A) Normal and reasonable 42 expenses from the District Administrative Office to the training location and return, or (B) Normal and 43 reasonable expenses from the employee's principal residence to the training location and return.
Section 13.3. 16 The parties recognize that an employee should have the option of declining to participate as a 17 member in the Union, yet contribute financially to the activities of the Union in representing such 18 employee as a member of the collective bargaining unit. Therefore, as an alternative to, and in lieu 19 of the membership requirements of the previous sections of this Article, an employee who declines 20 membership in the Union may pay to the Union each month a service charge as a contribution 21 towards the administration of this Agreement in an amount not to exceed to the regular monthly
Section 13.3. 6 The District shall provide Bus Driver qualification training to District employees requesting 7 qualifications leading to a Washington State Bus Drivers certificate/license. In the event an employee 8 does not complete all aspects of the requested trainings, the employee shall reimburse the District for 9 all costs incurred. The District will attempt to maintain a minimum of two (2) such qualified 10 employees for contingency substitute Bus Driver assignment.
Section 13.3. 34 of the Revised Code, except for division (A) of that section, applies to the issuance of any refunding securities authorized under this division. In lieu of division (A) of section 133.34 of the Revised Code, the board of county commissioners shall establish the maturity date or dates, the interest payable on, and other terms of refunding securities as it considers necessary or appropriate for their issuance, provided that the final maturity of refunding securities shall not exceed by more than ten years the final maturity of any bonds refunded by refunding securities.
Section 13.3. 41 In the mutual interests of the District and Association, the District shall continue to cause funds to be 42 available which may be used by employees subject to this Agreement for professional development.
Section 13.3. The Employer agrees to provide all required uniforms and laundry service for all required caps, uniforms, smocks, aprons, towels and rags, except for laundering of drip-dry garments. The employee agrees to exercise care in the use of Company property and equipment. Notwithstanding the above, the employee shall be required to meet the dress requirements as detailed in the Letter of Understanding, “Dress Requirements,” attached to this Agreement.
Section 13.3. 16 A temporary position shall be defined as a short term position designated for more than sixty 17 (60) working days, but less than one hundred eighty (180) days or the end of the fiscal year 18 whichever comes first. Temporary positions shall be posted. Persons hired to fill a temporary 19 position shall not be subject to Article X of this Agreement. 20
Section 13.3. 8 The employee with the earliest hire date shall have absolute preferential rights regarding layoffs. The 9 employee with the earliest hire date shall have preferential rights regarding vacation periods, special 10 services, promotions, assignments to new or open jobs or positions when ability and performance are 11 substantially equal with junior employees. If the District determines that seniority rights in the 12 previous sentence should not govern because a junior employee possesses ability and performance 13 substantially greater than a senior employee or senior employees, the District shall set forth in writing 14 to the employee or employees and the Association its reasons why the senior employee or employees 15 have been bypassed.