Nothing contained Sample Clauses

Nothing contained herein shall preclude the Employer from obtaining judicial restraint and damages in the event of a violation of this Article.
Nothing contained herein, shall constitute a waiver of any Event of Default or Potential Event of Default and the Banks expressly reserve all or any rights and remedies they may have in relation to the same.
Nothing contained herein to the contrary shall prohibit the Seller from managing its risk management program, including, without limitation, the cancellation or reduction of the amount or scope of insurance coverage with respect to periods prior to or after the Closing, in a manner consistent with its business judgment, as applied solely to the continuing operations of the Seller and its affiliates (other than the Company).
Nothing contained herein is intended to, or shall prohibit receipt or acceptance of anything with the expressed knowledge and approval of my employer, but henceforth any such approval must be given in writing by someone expressly authorized to give such approval.
Nothing contained herein shall prohibit Seller from selling its remaining businesses to any Person which may compete with the Competitive Business.
Nothing contained herein shall prohibit the Employer, at its sole discretion, from paying wages and/or benefits in excess of those provided for herein.
Nothing contained herein shall preclude Licensee from selling Articles to Disney or to any of Disney's Affiliates, or to Licensee's or Disney's employees, subject to the payment to Disney of Royalties on such sales.
Nothing contained herein shall prejudice or otherwise affect the rights and remedies that may otherwise be available under law to the parties.
Nothing contained herein shall preclude the Agent the Arranger or any other Lender from engaging in any transaction, in addition to those contemplated by this Agreement or any other Loan Document, with the Borrower or any of its Affiliates in which such Borrower or such Affiliate is not restricted hereby from engaging with any other Person. Treatment of Certain Information; Confidentiality
Nothing contained herein shall in anyway detract from the Lender's right from time to time to not declare and pay