Business address definition

Business address means a single address of a governmental agency designated for the public to contact an employee or officer of the governmental agency.
Business address. City: County: Zip: Telephone: Date of Birth: Social Security Number: Communications should be sent to (check one): Business: Residence Address:
Business address means the physical location of a business, including the name and number of a street.

Examples of Business address in a sentence

  • In the presence of: (Notary Seal) (Principal) (Business Address) (Corporate Surety) Business Address) By: The rate or premium of this bond is per thousand, the total amount of premium charged, $ .

  • Print or Type Name: Title: Name of Company as Licensed in California: Business Address: Telephone Number: California Contractor License No.: Class and Expiration Date: Public Works Contractor Registration No.: State of Incorporation, if Applicable: CORPORATION: Evidence of authority to bind corporation is attached.

  • If a business telephone, residence telephone, FAX number, e-mail address, or website are provided, that information will also be published.Mailing Address: Residence Address:(Required)City State Zip Code Business Address: City State Zip Code City State Zip CodeTelephone: ( ) ( ) ( ) Area Code Business Area Code Residence Area Code FaxE-mail and Website: E-mail WebsiteI meet the statutory and constitutional qualifications for this office (including, but not limited to, citizenship and residency).

  • PROJECT AND BID/PROPOSAL PREPARER INFORMATION Project or Matter Being Bid: Bidder’s complete firm/company business informationName: Business Address [No./Street] City / State / Zip Code Telephone Number Bidder’s email addressEmail Address: STATEMENT OF RESIDENCY(THE STATEMENT OF RESIDENCY PORTION OF THIS DOCUMENT IS NOT APPLICABLE IF THE SOLICITATION INDICATES FEDERAL FUNDS WILL BE USED) TEX.

  • Attached are copies of original documents of: [check the box(es) of the attached original documents]Articles of Incorporationor Registration of firm named in 1, above.Signature of BidderName Business Address MANUFACTURERS' AUTHORIZATION FORM [The Bidder shall require the Manufacturer to fill in this Form in accordance with the instructions indicated.

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Business address means the place from which the business operates including a number, street name, municipality and postal code;
Business address means the physical location of a business, including the name
Business address means the location where an applicant or provider provides services, goods, supplies, or merchandise, directly or indirectly, to a Medi-Cal beneficiary. A post office box or commercial box is not a business address. The business address for the location of a vehicle or vessel owned and operated by an applicant or provider enrolled in the Medi-Cal program and used to provide services, goods, supplies, or merchandise, directly or indirectly, to a Medi-Cal beneficiary shall either be the business address location listed on the provider's application as the location where similar services, goods, supplies, or merchandise would be provided, or the applicant's or provider's pay to address.
Business address means the physical location of a business,
Business address. Means the location where the certificate holder maintains all records concerning the transportation business, keeps those records available for Division inspection, and where the certificate holder accepts solicitations and prepares the contract for public motor vehicle services to be rendered.
Business address means the location where the certificate holder stores the taxicabs authorized under the certificate, at which all records concerning the taxicab business are kept and available for Division inspection and where the drivers report to obtain a vehicle for use as a cab.
Business address or “place of business” means —