Part Time Teachers definition

Part Time Teachers means any certificated employee as defined in Article I who signs a contract for less than a full school day or school year. These employees shall receive health insurance, salary and sick leave in direct proportion to the hours worked. This will apply to all new employees on or after January 1, 1994.
Part Time Teachers. The salaries set out in 4.1.1, above shall be prorated where a teacher is employed for less than full time.
Part Time Teachers as defined in section 5.4b as being employed from 20 – 29 hours weekly, for at least one (1) full semester, and enrolled in a School District sponsored insurance, will receive 50 percent of the maximum School District contribution for the following benefits: a) hospitalization and medical, b) dental, c) life insurance, d) and L.T.D. coverage equal to salary. Teachers working fewer than 20 hours weekly are not eligible for participation in any School District insurance plans. A teacher who is eligible for benefits shall receive School District contributions as provided in this article as long as the teacher is employed by and on paid status with the School District. Benefits are generally considered to be for a one (1) year period from September through August. However, if a teacher resigns due to retirement, terminates or has his/her employment terminated prior to the end of the school year, or is employed after the beginning of the school year and does not continue employment, the School District contributions shall cease at the end of the month in which separation of service occurs. Teachers who have fulfilled all their job responsibilities and have completed a full year of teaching service shall receive a full year (September through August) of benefits. For a full-time teacher on sick leave or medical leave who is disabled as defined in the

Examples of Part Time Teachers in a sentence

  • Release Time – Part Time Teachers: Paid holidays are a negotiated benefit for teachers and teachers are entitled to benefits at least proportional to the FTE.

  • To the extent that they are consistent with the conditions in this Enterprise Agreement, the employment conditions of part-time teachers in schools in the Part Time Teachers (Schooling Sector) Operational Procedure apply.

  • Cash or proceeds of property subject to forfeiture under section 5802 and transferred to the custody of the district attorney or Attorney General under subsection (f) shall be utilized by the district attorney or Attorney General for the enforcement of or prevention of a violation of the provisions of The Controlled Substance, Drug, Device and Cosmetic Act.

  • The members of the South Carolina General Assembly and elected members of the councils of participating counties or municipalities, whose council members participate in the South Carolina Retirement Systems, and Part- Time Teachers, are also Employees for purposes of the Plan.

  • The Part Time Teachers are required to teach the subject (English/ HIndi) including communication skills & technical terminology to the CSIO- ISTC students and performing any other official duties assigned by Principal, ISTC from time to time for half day (F.N./ A.N.) from Monday to Friday at Indo-Swiss Training Centre (ISTC), CSIR-CSIO, Sector-30 C, Chandigarh.

  • TLRs for Part Time Teachers: A TLR is a payment integral to a post in the Academy’s staffing structure and therefore may only be held by two or more people when job sharing that post.

  • Since the objective of the present study is to analyze the working conditions of contractual teachers, individual teachers from Government aided general degree colleges of Kolkata taken as sample unit like Government Approved Contractual Whole Time Teachers, Government Approved Part Time Teachers, College Appointed Contractual Whole Time Teachers and Guest Lecturers constituted the population of the study.

  • Volunteers, Substitutes, Student Teachers, REEF Part Time Teachers, and all others who are not assigned to a location who be issued ID badges from the school.

  • As a Title I school, targeted students are provided extra supports in the classroom through the help of Part Time Teachers.

  • To prosper the Group must attract, motivate and retain appropriately skilled directors and executives.The Group’s broad remuneration policy is to ensure the remuneration package properly reflects the person’s duties and responsibilities and that remuneration is competitive in attracting, retaining and motivating people of the highest quality.

More Definitions of Part Time Teachers

Part Time Teachers. Part time teachers shall receive and use proportionate sick leave days based upon their full time equivalency rounded to the nearest half day. Teachers who have accumulated sick leave days at another Indiana school shall have those days transferred to them at the rate of three (3) sick leave days per year beginning in their second year of employment by the board without regard to full or part time status.
Part Time Teachers means any person who is employed for a fixed period in the Institutions and shall serve the specified number of hours / days per week as per the contract of service. At the end of the specified period of contract of service, the same shall automatically cease and such a teacher cannot claim regularization of his / her job.
Part Time Teachers. Any teacher who is employed less than thirty (30) hours per week shall be deemed to be part-time. For the purpose of this section, hours per week shall only include actual hours contracted between the District and the teacher and shall not cover hours worked as a substitute, Schedule C, Schedule D or other hours. All part-time teachers shall be placed on the appropriate step and lane of the salary schedule prorated to hours of their service as compared to eight (8) hours and twenty minutes per day multiplied by the number of days of the regular school year specified in Section 901. Part-time teachers working less than thirty (30) hours per week shall receive no insurance premium contribution from District. All provisions of the Master Agreement shall be applicable to part-time teachers unless limited by this section. Part-time teachers shall receive prorated leaves-of-absence. Example 1: a one-half (½) time (four

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  • Part-time employee means a person other than a full-time or casual employee, engaged to work regularly in each pay period for less hours than an equivalently classified full-time employee.

  • Mobile crisis outreach team means the same as that term is defined in Section 62A-15-102.

  • Contractor employee means prime Contractor and subcontractor employees who require agency access to perform work under a CMS contract.