Act No Sample Clauses

Act No. 85, 1993
Act No. 32/1993 Victorian Legislation and Parliamentary Documents
Act No. 16/1996 parties to the reference may bring before the arbitrators or the umpire.
Act No. 55/2007, Art. 10.
Act No. 55/2007, Art. 10. [Art. 112 b Fines or imprisonment [[Violations of the following provisions of this Act and rules adopted on their basis shall be liable to fines or imprisonment of up to two years, unless more severe punishment is provided for in other Acts:]1)
Act No. 72/2012, Art. 8.
Act No. 170/2006, Art. 3. 2)Act No. 76/2009, Art. 2. 3)Act No. 75/2010, Art. 18.
Act No. 16/1996 on the recommendation of the Secretary may terminate this Agreement by giving notice in writing of intent to terminate in which event this Agreement shall terminate upon the expiry of the 30th day from the date of service of notice unless the right of the Minister to terminate is referred for determination in accordance with clause 36(4).
Act No. 6 of 1956 to apply to certain agreement as amended Subject to the agreement executed under the authority of this Act, the Commonwealth and State Housing Agreement Xxx 0000, shall be construed as though the agreement executed under the authority of that Act on the thirteenth day of February, one thousand nine hundred and fifty-seven, were amended as provided in the first-mentioned agreement. Schedule [Section 2] AN AGREEMENT made the day of One thousand nine hundred and sixty-one BETWEEN THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA (in this agreement called “the Commonwealth”), THE STATE OF NEW SOUTH WALES, THE STATE OF VICTORIA, THE STATE OF QUEENSLAND, THE STATE OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA, THE STATE OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA and THE STATE OF TASMANIA and intended to be supplemental to the agreement referred to in this agreement as the 1945 Agreement and to the agreement referred to in this agreement as the 1956 Agreement.