Redemption Procedures Sample Clauses

Redemption Procedures. Immediately upon the action of the Board of Directors of the Company ordering the redemption of the Rights (or at such later time as the Board of Directors may establish for the effectiveness of such redemption), and without any further action and without any notice, the right to exercise the Rights will terminate and the only right thereafter of the holders of Rights shall be to receive the Redemption Price for each Right so held. The Company shall promptly give public notice of such redemption; PROVIDED, HOWEVER, that the failure to give, or any defect in, any such notice shall not affect the validity of such redemption. The Company shall promptly give, or cause the Rights Agent to give, notice of such redemption to the holders of the then outstanding Rights by mailing such notice to all such holders at their last addresses as they appear upon the registry books of the Rights Agent or, prior to the Distribution Date, on the registry books of the transfer agent for the Common Shares. Any notice which is mailed in the manner herein provided shall be deemed given, whether or not the holder receives the notice. Each such notice of redemption shall state the method by which the payment of the Redemption Price will be made. Neither the Company nor any of its Affiliates or Associates may redeem, acquire or purchase for value any Rights at any time in any manner other than that specifically set forth in this Section 23 or in Section 27, and other than in connection with the purchase, acquisition or redemption of Common Shares prior to the Distribution Date.
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Redemption Procedures. On any Business Day, an Authorized Purchaser may place an order with the Marketing Agent to redeem one or more Redemption Baskets in accordance with this Section 7 and the Procedures. Redemption Orders must be placed by 12:00 PM New York time or the close of regular trading on NYSE Arca, whichever is earlier. A Redemption Order so received is effective on the date it is received in satisfactory form by the Marketing Agent. The day on which the Marketing Agent receives a valid Redemption Order is the “Redemption Order Date”. By placing a Redemption Order, an Authorized Purchaser agrees to (1) deliver the Redemption Basket to be redeemed through DTC’s book-entry system to the Fund’s account with the Custodian not later than 3:00 PM New York time on the third Business Day following the effective date of the Redemption Order (“Redemption Distribution Date”), and (2) if required by the General Partner in its sole discretion, enter into or arrange for a block trade, an exchange for physical or exchange for swap, or any other over-the-counter energy transaction (through itself or a designated acceptable broker) with the Fund for the sale of a number and type of futures contracts at the closing settlement price for such contracts on the Redemption Order Date, as specified in the Redemption Order Form (see Exhibit B). Failure to consummate (1) and (2) above shall result in the cancellation of the order. The number and type of contracts specified shall be determined by the General Partner, in its sole discretion, to meet the Fund’s investment objective and shall be sold as a result of the Authorized Purchaser’s sale of Units. Prior to the delivery of the redemption distribution for a Redemption Order, the Authorized Purchaser must also have wired to the Fund’s account at the Custodian the non-refundable Transaction Fee due for the Redemption Order. The redemption distribution from the Fund consists of a transfer to the redeeming Authorized Purchaser of an amount of Treasuries and/or cash with a value that is in the same proportion to the total assets of the Fund (net of estimated accrued but unpaid fees, expenses and other liabilities) on the date the order to redeem is properly received as the number of Units to be redeemed under the Redemption Order is in proportion to the total number of Units outstanding on the date the order is received. The General Partner, directly or in consultation with the Administrator, will determine the requirements for Treasuries and/o...
Redemption Procedures. (a) Participant directed redemptions will be processed as they are received without the need for pre- notifications.
Redemption Procedures. (a) Notice of any redemption of, or notice of distribution of Debentures in exchange for, the Securities (a "Redemption/Distribution Notice"), which notice shall be irrevocable, will be given by the Trust by mail to each Holder of Securities to be redeemed or exchanged not fewer than 30 nor more than 60 days before the date fixed for redemption or exchange thereof which, in the case of a redemption, will be the date fixed for redemption of the Debentures. For purposes of the calculation of the date of redemption or exchange and the dates on which notices are given pursuant to this Section 7.4(a), a Redemption/Distribution Notice shall be deemed to be given on the day such notice is first mailed by first-class mail, postage prepaid, to Holders of Securities. Each Redemption/Distribution Notice shall be addressed to the Holders of Securities at the address of each such Holder appearing in the register of the Trust. No defect in the Redemption/Distribution Notice or in the mailing of either thereof with respect to any Holder shall affect the validity of the redemption or exchange proceedings with respect to any other Holder.
Redemption Procedures. The provisions of Article III of the Base Indenture shall apply in the case of a redemption pursuant to this Article III.
Redemption Procedures. Notice of any redemption will be mailed at least 30 days but not more than 60 days before the redemption date to each Holder of Debentures to be prepaid at its registered address. Unless the Company defaults in payment of the prepayment price, on and after the redemption date interest shall cease to accrue on such Debentures called for redemption. If the Debentures are only partially redeemed pursuant to Section 3.1, the Debentures will be redeemed pro rata or by lot or by any other method utilized by the Trustee; provided, that if at the time of redemption the Debentures are registered as a Global Debenture, the Depositary shall determine, in accordance with its procedures, the principal amount of such Debentures held by each Depositary participant to be redeemed. The Prepayment Price shall be paid prior to 12:00 noon, New York time, on the date of such prepayment or at such earlier time as the Company determines; provided that the Company shall deposit with the Trustee an amount sufficient to pay the Prepayment Price by 10:00 a.m., New York time, on the date such prepayment price is to be paid.
Redemption Procedures. (i) If any shares of Series A Preferred Stock are to be redeemed by the Corporation pursuant to this Section 6, notice of redemption will be furnished by the Corporation and will be mailed, postage prepaid, (A) in case of redemption pursuant to Section 6(a), within fifteen (15) days after the Corporation’s receipt of the Holder Partial Redemption Notice, or (B) in the case of redemption pursuant to Section 6(b) or Section 6(c), within the applicable notice period specified in Section 6(b) or Section 6(c), as applicable, in each case, addressed to the holders of record of the Series A Preferred Stock to be redeemed at their addresses as they appear on the stock transfer records of the Corporation. No failure to give such notice or any defect therein or in the mailing thereof shall affect the validity of the proceedings for the redemption of any shares of Series A Preferred Stock except as to the holder to whom notice was defective or not given. Each notice shall state: (i) the redemption date; (ii) the number of shares of Series A Preferred Stock to be redeemed; (iii) the redemption price and the accrued and unpaid dividends (if any) payable to holders surrendering shares of Series A Preferred Stock; (iv) the place or places where the Series A Preferred Stock is to be surrendered for payment of the applicable redemption price; (v) that dividends on the shares to be redeemed will cease to accrue on such redemption date; (vi) whether such redemption is being made pursuant to Section 6(a), Section 6(b) or Section 6(c), (vii) if applicable, that such redemption is being made in connection with a Redemption Event and, in that case, a brief description of the transaction or transactions constituting such Redemption Event; and (viii) if such redemption is being made in connection with a Redemption Event, that the holders of the shares of Series A Preferred Stock being so called for redemption will not be able to tender such shares of Series A Preferred Stock for conversion or exchange in connection with the applicable Redemption Event and that each share of Series A Preferred Stock tendered for conversion or exchange that is called for redemption prior to the effective or closing date of the Redemption Event will be redeemed on the related date of redemption instead of the effective or closing date of the Redemption Event. If less than all of the shares of Series A Preferred Stock held by any holder are to be redeemed, the notice mailed to such holder shall also s...
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Redemption Procedures. (a) In the event of any Optional Redemption, the written direction of a Majority of the Preferred Shares and the consent of the Collateral Manager shall be provided to the Issuers, the Trustee and the Collateral Manager not later than thirty (30) days (or such shorter period of time, not to be less than fifteen (15) Business Days, as the Trustee and the Collateral Manager find reasonably acceptable) prior to the Business Day on which such redemption is to be made (which date shall be designated in such notice). In the event of any Optional Redemption or Tax Redemption, a notice of redemption shall be given by the Trustee by overnight delivery service, postage prepaid, mailed not later than fifteen (15) Business Days prior to the applicable Redemption Date, to each Holder of Securities, at such Holder’s address in the Register or the Share Register, as applicable (and, in the case of Global Notes, delivered by electronic transmission to DTC) and the Rating Agency.
Redemption Procedures. One Business Day prior to the Redemption Date, the Company shall deposit with the Trustee immediately available funds in an amount sufficient to pay, on the Redemption Date, the aggregate Redemption Price for Notes being redeemed. If the Company gives an irrevocable notice of redemption with respect to the Notes pursuant to Section 3.2 hereof in connection with an optional redemption, and the Company has paid to the Trustee the Redemption Price of the Notes to be redeemed, then, on the Redemption Date, the Trustee shall irrevocably deposit such funds with the Depository. The Company shall also give the Depository irrevocable instructions and authority to pay the Redemption Price in immediately available funds to the Holders of beneficial interests in the Global Notes. If any Redemption Date is not a Business Day, then the Redemption Price shall be payable on the next Business Day (and without any interest or other payment in respect of any such delay). Interest to be paid on or before the Redemption Date for any Notes called for redemption shall be payable to the Holders on the Regular Record Date for the related Interest Payment Dates. If any Notes called for redemption are not so paid upon surrender thereof for redemption, the Redemption Price shall, until paid, bear interest from the Redemption Date at the Coupon Rate. In exchange for the unredeemed portion of such surrendered Notes, new Notes in an aggregate principal amount equal to the unredeemed portion of such surrendered Notes shall be issued.
Redemption Procedures. If the Company elects to redeem less than all of the 2032 Notes at any time, in the case of 2032 Notes issued in definitive form, the 2032 Notes to be redeemed shall be selected in accordance with applicable procedures of the Depositary.
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