Redemption Sample Clauses

Redemption. If no redemption right is set forth on the face hereof, this Note may not be redeemed prior to the Stated Maturity Date, except as set forth in the Indenture or in Section 10 hereof. In the case of a Note that is not a Discount Note, if a redemption right is set forth on the face of this Note, the Trust shall elect to redeem this Note on the Interest Payment Date after the Initial Redemption Date set forth on the face hereof on which the Funding Agreement is to be redeemed in whole or in part by Principal Life Insurance Company (Principal Life) (each, a Redemption Date), in which case this Note must be redeemed on such Redemption Date in whole or in part, as applicable, prior to the Stated Maturity Date, in increments of $1,000 at the applicable Redemption Price (as defined below), together with unpaid interest, if any, accrued thereon to, but excluding, the applicable Redemption Date. Redemption Price shall mean an amount equal to the Initial Redemption Percentage (as adjusted by the Annual Redemption Percentage Reduction, if applicable) multiplied by the unpaid Principal Amount of this Note to be redeemed. Unless otherwise specified on the face hereof, the Initial Redemption Percentage shall be 100% and the Annual Redemption Percentage Reduction shall be 0%. The unpaid Principal Amount of this Note to be redeemed shall be determined by multiplying (1) the Outstanding Principal Amount of this Note by (2) the quotient derived by dividing (A) the outstanding principal amount of the Funding Agreement to be redeemed by Principal Life by (B) the outstanding principal amount of the Funding Agreement. Notice must be given not more than sixty (60) nor less than thirty (30) calendar days prior to the proposed Redemption Date. In the event of redemption of this Note in part only, a new Note for the unredeemed portion hereof shall be issued in the name of the Holder hereof upon the surrender hereof. If less than all of this Note is redeemed, the Indenture Trustee will select by lot or, in its discretion, on a pro rata basis, the amount of the interest of each direct participant in the Trust to be redeemed.

Redemption. Subject to Section 6.4 hereof, not less than all of the outstanding Warrants may be redeemed, at the option of the Company, at any time while they are exercisable and prior to their expiration, at the office of the Warrant Agent, upon notice to the Registered Holders of the Warrants, as described in Section 6.2 below, at the price of $0.01 per Warrant (the "Redemption Price"), provided that the last sales price of the Common Stock reported has been at least $18.00 per share (subject to adjustment in compliance with Section 4 hereof), on each of twenty (20) trading days within the thirty (30) trading-day period ending on the third Business Day prior to the date on which notice of the redemption is given and provided that there is an effective registration statement covering the shares of Common Stock issuable upon exercise of the Warrants, and a current prospectus relating thereto, available throughout the 30-day Redemption Period (as defined in Section 6.2 below) or the Company has elected to require the exercise of the Warrants on a "cashless basis" pursuant to subsection 3.3.1.

Redemption. The Company may redeem the Securities of any series issued hereunder on and after the dates and in accordance with the terms established for such series pursuant to Section 2.01 hereof.

Redemption. The Indenture Trustee shall, upon receipt of written notice from the Servicer pursuant to Section 6.1(b) of the Administration Agreement, give prompt written notice to the Noteholders of the occurrence of such event. In the event that the assets of the Trust are sold pursuant to Section 6.1(a) of the Administration Agreement, that portion of the amounts on deposit in the Trust Accounts to be distributed to the Noteholders shall be paid to the Noteholders as provided in Sections 2.7 and 2.8 of the Administration Agreement. If amounts are to be paid to Noteholders pursuant to this Section 10.1, the notice of such event from the Indenture Trustee to the Noteholders shall include notice of the redemption of Notes by application of such amounts on the next Distribution Date which is not sooner than 15 days after the date of such notice (the Redemption Date), whereupon all such amounts shall be payable on the Redemption Date.

Redemption. This Note may not be redeemed or called without the consent of the Holder except as described in this Note or the Subscription Agreement.

Redemption. The Securities may be redeemed, in whole, or from time to time in part, subject to the conditions and at the redemption prices set forth in Paragraph 5 of the form of Securities set forth in Exhibit A and Exhibit B hereto, which are hereby incorporated by reference and made a part of this Indenture, together with accrued and unpaid interest to the redemption date.

Redemption (a) Prior to the Expiration Date, the Board of Directors of the Company may, at its option, redeem all but not less than all of the then-outstanding Rights at the Redemption Price at any time prior to the Close of Business on the later of (i) the Distribution Date and (ii) Share Acquisition Date. Any such redemption will be effective immediately upon the action of the Board of Directors of the Company ordering the same, unless such action of the Board of Directors of the Company expressly provides that such redemption will be effective at a subsequent time or upon the occurrence or nonoccurrence of one or more specified events (in which case such redemption will be effective in accordance with the provisions of such action of the Board of Directors of the Company). (b) Immediately upon the effectiveness of the redemption of the Rights as provided in Section 23(a), and without any further action and without any notice, the right to exercise the Rights will terminate and the only right thereafter of the holders of Rights will be to receive the Redemption Price, without interest thereon. Promptly after the effectiveness of the redemption of the Rights as provided in Section 23(a), the Company will publicly announce such redemption (with prompt notice thereof to the Rights Agent) and, within 10 calendar days thereafter, will give notice of such redemption to the holders of the then-outstanding Rights by mailing such notice to all such holders at their last addresses as they appear upon the registry books of the Company; provided, however, that the failure to give, or any defect in, any such notice will not affect the validity of the redemption of the Rights. Any notice that is mailed in the manner herein provided will be deemed given, whether or not the holder receives the notice. The notice of redemption mailed to the holders of Rights will state the method by which the payment of the Redemption Price will be made. The Company may, at its option, pay the Redemption Price in cash, Common Shares (based upon the current per share market price of the Common Shares (determined pursuant to Section 11(d)) at the time of redemption), or any other form of consideration deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors of the Company (based upon the fair market value of such other consideration, determined by the Board of Directors of the Company in good faith) or any combination thereof. The Company may, at its option, combine the payment of the Redemption Price with any ...

Redemption. The Authorized Participant represents and warrants that it will not obtain an Order Number (as described in the Procedures) from the Trustee for the purpose of redeeming a Basket unless it first ascertains that (i) it owns outright or has full legal authority and legal and beneficial right to tender for redemption the Baskets to be redeemed and to receive the entire proceeds of the redemption, and (ii) such Baskets have not been loaned or pledged to another party and are not the subject of a repurchase agreement, securities lending agreement or any other arrangement which would preclude the delivery of such Baskets to the Trustee on the third Business Day following the date of the Redemption Order.

Redemption. The outstanding Notes are subject to redemption in whole, but not in part, at the direction of the Servicer pursuant to Section 9.01(a) of the Sale and Servicing Agreement, on any Payment Date on which the Servicer exercises its option to purchase the Owner Trust Estate pursuant to said Section 9.01(a), for a purchase price equal to the Redemption Price; provided that the Issuing Entity has available funds sufficient to pay the Redemption Price. The Servicer or the Issuing Entity shall furnish the Rating Agencies notice of such redemption. If the outstanding Notes are to be redeemed pursuant to this Section, the Servicer or the Issuing Entity shall furnish notice of such election to the Indenture Trustee not later than the close of business on the first business day of the month in which the Redemption Date occurs and the Issuing Entity shall deposit by 10:00 A.M. New York City time on the Redemption Date with the Indenture Trustee in the Note Distribution Account the Redemption Price of the Notes to be redeemed, whereupon all such Notes shall be due and payable on the Redemption Date upon the furnishing of a notice complying with Section 10.02 to each Holder of the Notes.

Redemption. The Debentures shall be redeemable in accordance with Article Eleven of the Indenture. Subject to Section 2.2(a)(ii), at any time on or after May 1, 2013, the Company may redeem, at its option, the Debentures, in whole or in part, at a price equal to the greater of their principal amount and the Make-Whole Redemption Price, plus, in either case, accrued and unpaid interest, if any, to the Redemption Date. (j) Sinking Fund. Article Twelve shall not apply to the Debentures. (k) Subordination. The Debentures shall at all times prior to the Remarketing Settlement Date, if any, be subject to Article Fourteen of the Indenture, subject to the following modifications: