New York Time Sample Clauses

New York Time. All times referred to in this Indenture or the Debt Securities are local time in the City of New York, United States, except as otherwise specified.
New York Time. All times referred to in this Indenture or the Debt Securities are local time in Xxx Xxxx xx Xxx Xxxx, Xxxxxx Xxxxxx, except as otherwise specified.
New York Time. All references herein and in the other Loan Documents to any time of day shall mean the local (standard or daylight, as in effect) time of New York, New York unless otherwise expressly provided herein or therein.
New York Time. The party who did not terminate the Salary Arbitrator(s) shall, within ten (10) days of receiving the termination notice, submit a list of three names to the terminating party. Within ten (10) days of receiving the names, the terminating party shall strike two of the names and the remaining person shall be the new member of the salary arbitration panel.
New York Time. All times referred to in this Fiscal Agency Agreement or the Bonds are local time in The City of New York, United States of America, except as otherwise specified.
New York Time. 1.8 If the Trust provides the Company with materially incorrect share net asset value information through no fault of the Company, the Company on behalf of the Separate Accounts, shall be entitled to an adjustment to the number of shares purchased or redeemed to reflect the correct share net asset value. Any material error in the calculation of net asset value per share, dividend or capital gain information shall be reported promptly upon discovery to the Company. The Trust shall not be liable for any information provided to the Company pursuant to this Agreement which information is based on incorrect information supplied by the Company to the Trust. In the event of any material error in the calculation or communication of net asset value, dividends or capital gain information or any delay in the communication, the responsible party or parties shall reimburse the Company for any losses or reasonable costs incurred as a result of the error or delay, including but not limited to, amounts needed to make Contract owners whole and reasonable administrative costs necessary to correct the error.
New York Time. The Trust or its custodian will notify the Company as soon as possible if it is determined that the NAV will be available after 6:00 p.m. New York time and the Trust (or its custodian) and the Company will mutually agree upon a final deadline for timely receipt of the NAV on that Business Day. In the event of an error in the computation of a Portfolio's NAV or any dividend or capital gain distribution (each, a "pricing error"), PIM or the Trust shall notify the Company as soon as possible after the discovery of the error. Such notification may be verbal, but shall be confirmed promptly in writing in accordance with Article XII of this Agreement. A pricing error shall be corrected in accordance with the Trust's internal policies and procedures. If an adjustment is necessary to correct a material error that occurred through no fault of the Company and such adjustment has caused Contract owners to receive less than the number of Shares or redemption proceeds to which they are entitled, the number of Shares of the applicable Account will be adjusted and the amount of any underpayments will be paid by the Trust or PIM to the Company for crediting of such amounts to the Contract owners' accounts. Upon notification by PIM of any overpayment due to a material error, the Company shall promptly remit to the Trust or PIM, as appropriate, any overpayment that has not been paid to Contract owner; however, PIM acknowledges that the Company does not intend to seek additional payments from any Contract owner who, because of a pricing error, may have underpaid for units of interest credited to his/her account. The costs of correcting such adjustments, including reasonable administrative costs, shall be borne by the Trust or PIM unless the Company is at fault in which case such costs shall be borne by the Company.
New York Time. The Closing shall be held at the offices of the Company, 0000 Xxxxxx xx xxx Xxxxxxxx, Xxx Xxxx, XX 00000, or at such other time and/or place as the parties may agree.
New York Time. If LIFE COMPANY'S order requests a net redemption resulting in a payment of redemption proceeds to LIFE COMPANY, TRUST shall wire the redemption proceeds to LIFE COMPANY on the day the order is actually transmitted by LIFE COMPANY by 3 p.m. New York Time unless doing so would require TRUST to dispose of portfolio securities or otherwise incur additional costs, but in such event, proceeds shall be wired to LIFE COMPANY within seven days and TRUST shall notify the person designated in writing by LIFE COMPANY as the recipient for such notice of such delay by 3:00 p.m. New York Time the same business day that LIFE COMPANY transmits the redemption order to TRUST. If LIFE COMPANY's order requests the application of redemption proceeds from the redemption of shares to the purchase of shares of another fund administered or distributed by NB MANAGEMENT, TRUST shall so apply such proceeds on the same Business Day that LIFE COMPANY transmits such order to TRUST.