New York Time Sample Clauses

New York Time. All references herein and in the other Loan Documents to any time of day shall mean the local (standard or daylight, as in effect) time of New York, New York unless otherwise expressly provided herein or therein.
New York Time. All times referred to in this Indenture or the Notes are local time in New York City, New York, United States of America, except as otherwise specified.

Related to New York Time

Trading Day when used with respect to any securities, shall mean a day on which the principal Canadian stock exchange on which such securities are listed or admitted to trading is open for the transaction of business or, if the securities are not listed or admitted to trading on any Canadian stock exchange, a Business Day;
Flex Time Agencies shall, where practicable, establish flex time work schedules for their employees. Such flex time work schedules shall guarantee the Employer's ability to provide services, to meet all workload demands as defined by the Employer, and to the extent practicable, meet employees' personal scheduling preferences. Approval of such requests shall not be unreasonably denied.
Standby Time If an employee reports to a field job outside the Greater Vancouver area and through no fault of his own, is unable to work, he shall immediately contact the Company for instructions. Nevertheless, while being required to stand by the job, he shall be paid for a regular shift of eight (8) hours in each twenty-four (24).
Daylight Savings Time Employees required to work more than eight (8) hours on an eight (8) hour shift or more than ten (10) hours on a ten (10) hour shift due to the change from daylight savings time to standard time shall be paid for the additional hour worked at the rate of time and one-half (1-1/2). Employees required to work less than eight (8) hours on an eight (8) hour shift or less than ten (10) hours on a ten (10) hour shift due to the change from standard time to daylight savings time shall be paid for the actual hours worked. Employees may use vacation time or compensatory time to make up for the one (1) hour lost. Employees in the first six (6) months of employment who would be eligible to accrue vacation, may be advanced one (1) hour of vacation time which shall either be deducted from their vacation leave balance, or deducted from their last paycheck if the employee is separated prior to accruing vacation.
Non-Banking Days When any payment under any of the Security Documents would otherwise be due on a day which is not a Banking Day, the due date for payment shall be extended to the next following Banking Day unless such Banking Day falls in the next calendar month in which case payment shall be made on the immediately preceding Banking Day.
Business Time During the Employment Period, the Executive agrees to devote full attention during normal business hours to the business and affairs of the Company and Affiliates and to use the Executive's best efforts to perform faithfully and efficiently the responsibilities assigned to the Executive hereunder, to the extent necessary to discharge such responsibilities, except for (i) time spent in managing the Executive's personal, financial and legal affairs and serving on corporate, civic or charitable boards or committees, in each case only if and to the extent not substantially interfering with the performance of such responsibilities, and (ii) periods of vacation and sick leave to which the Executive is entitled. It is expressly understood and agreed that the Executive's continuing to serve on any boards and committees on which the Executive is serving or with which the Executive is otherwise associated immediately preceding the Effective Date shall not be deemed to interfere with the performance of the Executive's services to the Company or Affiliates.
Banking Days Unless otherwise provided in this Agreement, a banking day is a day other than a Saturday, Sunday or other day on which commercial banks are authorized to close, or are in fact closed, in the state where the Bank’s lending office is located, and, if such day relates to amounts bearing interest at an offshore rate (if any), means any such day on which dealings in dollar deposits are conducted among banks in the offshore dollar interbank market. All payments and disbursements which would be due on a day which is not a banking day will be due on the next banking day. All payments received on a day which is not a banking day will be applied to the credit on the next banking day.
Business Day For purposes of this Agreement, “Business Day” means any day that is a Business Day as specified in the Notes or the Indenture.
Holiday Falling on a Day of Rest When a paid holiday falls on a regular employee's day of rest, the Employer will make every reasonable effort to give the employee a lieu day off with pay on the first regularly scheduled workday following the day of rest so affected. Where this is not possible, the lieu day will be scheduled by mutual agreement and taken within six months of the day in which it was earned. An employee may, by mutual agreement, take lieu days off together with their vacation in accordance with Article 18.5 (Vacation Schedules).
Close of Business on any given date shall mean 5:00 P.M., New York City time, on such date; provided, however, that if such date is not a Business Day it shall mean 5:00 P.M., New York City time, on the next succeeding Business Day.