Assets of the Fund Sample Clauses

Assets of the Fund. All property of any nature whatsoever which makes up the Fund, including assets transferred to the Fund in accordance with the provisions of Section 4 hereof, as well as any income or gains of any type whatsoever, generated or realized during the administration of the Fund by the Trustee.
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Assets of the Fund. The assets of the Fund consist of the initial investment made by the settlor of the Fund on January 3, 2008 referred to in Section 2.01 above and all other moneys from time to time committed to the Trustee for investment in Units of the Fund, together with investments (including replacements thereof and additions thereto) made from time to time and less moneys paid to unitholders in respect of redemptions of Units or as distributions pursuant to Article 6 and less expenses incurred in connection with the Fund as provided in this Trust Agreement.
Assets of the Fund. The Fund shall include the initial property gifted or transferred to the Fund together with any property contributed or added to the Fund and accepted by the Foundation. The Board of the Foundation shall have complete authority and discretion to accept or decline any non-cash gifts.
Assets of the Fund. The Sub-funds' assets shall be held by the Depositary on behalf of the Unitholders on the terms of these Management Regulations and shall be segregated from the assets of the Management Company. The Sub-funds' assets may be held by correspondents or other agents appointed by the Depositary in compliance with, and subject to, Luxembourg law and the provisions of the Depositary and Paying Agent Agreement.

Related to Assets of the Fund

  • Commingling, Exchange and Investment of the Contributions 2.1. The Contributions shall be accounted for as a single trust fund and shall be kept separate and apart from the funds of the Bank. The Contributions may be commingled with other trust fund assets maintained by the Bank.

  • Collective Investment Vehicle An Investment Entity established in Finland that is regulated as a collective investment vehicle, provided that all of the interests in the collective investment vehicle (including debt interests in excess of $50,000) are held by or through one or more exempt beneficial owners, Active NFFEs described in subparagraph B(4) of section VI of Annex I, U.S. Persons that are not Specified U.S. Persons, or Financial Institutions that are not Nonparticipating Financial Institutions.

  • Investment of Account Assets a. All contributions to the custodial account shall be invested in the shares of the Provident Trust Mutual Funds, Inc. or, if available, any other series of Provident Trust Mutual Funds, Inc. or other regulated investment companies for which Provident Trust Company serves as Investment Advisor or designates as being eligible for investment. Shares of stock of an Investment Company shall be referred to as “Investment Company Shares”. To the extent that two or more funds are available for investment, contributions shall be invested in accordance with the depositor’s investment election.

  • Investment of Contributions At the direction of the Designated Beneficiary (or the direction of the Depositor or the Responsible Individual, whichever applies) the Custodian shall invest all contributions to the account and earnings thereon in investments acceptable to the Custodian, which may include marketable securities traded on a recognized exchange or "over the counter" (excluding any securities issued by the Custodian), covered call options, certificates of deposit, and other investments to which the Custodian consents, in such amounts as are specifically selected and specified in orders to the Custodian in such form as may be acceptable to the Custodian, without any duty to diversify and without regard to whether such property is authorized by the laws of any jurisdiction as a custodial account investment. The Custodian shall be responsible for the execution of such orders and for maintaining adequate records thereof. However, if any such orders are not received as required, or, if received, are unclear in the opinion of the Custodian, all or a portion of the contribution may be held uninvested without liability for loss of income or appreciation, and without liability for interest pending receipt of such orders or clarification, or the contribution may be returned. The Custodian may, but need not, establish programs under which cash deposits in excess of a minimum set by it will be periodically and automatically invested in interest-bearing investment funds. The Custodian shall have no duty other than to follow the written investment directions of the Designated Beneficiary (or the Depositor or Responsible Individual), and shall be under no duty to question said instructions and shall not be liable for any investment losses sustained by the Designated Beneficiary.

  • Sponsored, Closely Held Investment Vehicle An Estonian Financial Institution satisfying the following requirements:

  • Negative Capital Accounts No Member shall be required to pay to any other Member or the Company any deficit or negative balance which may exist from time to time in such Member’s Capital Account (including upon and after dissolution of the Company).

  • Commingling Assets The assets of your IRA cannot be commingled with other property except in a common trust fund or common investment fund.

  • Member's Capital Accounts A Capital Account for the Member shall be maintained by the Company. The Member's Capital Account shall reflect the Member’s capital contributions and increases for any net income or gain of the Company. The Member’s Capital Account shall also reflect decreases for distributions made to the Member and the Member’s share of any losses and deductions of the Company.

  • RETURN OF THE VEHICLE a) The Hirer shall at or before the expiry of the Term of Hire, deliver the Vehicle (including Vehicle keys) to the branch or Return Location stated in the Rental Agreement, or, subject to these Terms and Conditions, obtain JUCY’s consent to the amendment or continuation of the hire. (Note: No refund is available to the Hirer if the Vehicle is returned earlier than the Return Date stated in the Rental Agreement).

  • Trust Account; Distributions On or before the issuance of the Certificates, Xxxxxx Xxx shall either (i) open with an Eligible Depository one or more trust accounts in the name of the Trustee of the Trust Fund that shall collectively be the “Trust Account”, (ii) in lieu of maintaining any such account or accounts, maintain the Trust Account by means of appropriate entries on its books and records designating all amounts credited thereto in respect of the Lower Tier Regular Classes and all investments of any such amounts as being held by it in its capacity as Trustee for the benefit of the Holders of the Trust Fund Certificates or

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