Assets of the Fund Sample Clauses

Assets of the Fund. The assets of the Fund consist of the initial investment made by the settlor of the Fund on January 3, 2008 referred to in Section 2.01 above and all other moneys from time to time committed to the Trustee for investment in Units of the Fund, together with investments (including replacements thereof and additions thereto) made from time to time and less moneys paid to unitholders in respect of redemptions of Units or as distributions pursuant to Article 6 and less expenses incurred in connection with the Fund as provided in this Trust Agreement.
Assets of the Fund. The Fund shall include the initial property gifted or transferred to the Fund together with any property contributed or added to the Fund and accepted by the Foundation. The Board of the Foundation shall have complete authority and discretion to accept or decline any non-cash gifts.

Related to Assets of the Fund

  • Persons Having Access to Assets of the Fund (a) No trustee or agent of the Fund, and no officer, director, employee or agent of the Fund's investment adviser, of any sub-investment adviser of the Fund, or of the Fund's administrator, shall have physical access to the assets of the Fund held by the Custodian or be authorized or permitted to withdraw any investments of the Fund, nor shall the Custodian deliver any assets of the Fund to any such person. No officer, director, employee or agent of the Custodian who holds any similar position with the Fund's investment adviser, with any sub-investment adviser of the Fund or with the Fund's administrator shall have access to the assets of the Fund.

  • Assets of the Company Any indemnification under this Article VIII shall be satisfied solely out of the assets of the Company. No debt shall be incurred by the Company or the Member in order to provide a source of funds for any indemnity, and the Member shall not have any liability (or any liability to make any additional Capital Contribution) on account thereof.

  • Persons Having Access to Assets of the Portfolios Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Agreement, no Authorized Person, Trustee, officer, employee or agent of any Fund shall have physical access to the assets of any Portfolio of that Fund held by the Custodian nor shall the Custodian deliver any assets of a Portfolio for delivery to an account of such person; provided, however, that nothing in this Section 3.03 shall prohibit (a) any Authorized Person from giving Proper Instructions, or any person authorized to issue Special Instructions from issuing Special Instructions, so long as such action does not result in delivery of or access to assets of any Portfolio prohibited by this Section 3.03; or (b) each Fund's independent certified public accountants from examining or reviewing the assets of the Portfolios of the Fund held by the Custodian. Each Fund shall deliver to the Custodian a written certificate identifying such Authorized Persons, Trustees, officers, employees and agents of such Fund.

  • Average Invested Assets For a specified period, the average of the aggregate book value of the assets of the Company invested, directly or indirectly, in Investments before deducting depreciation, bad debts or other non-cash reserves, computed by taking the average of such values at the end of each month during such period.

  • Assets of Trust The assets of the Trust shall consist of the Trust Property.

  • Investment Assets Each of Parent and its Subsidiaries owns all securities, indebtedness and other financial instruments held by it, free and clear of any material Liens, except to the extent such securities, indebtedness or other financial instruments, as applicable, are pledged in the ordinary course of business consistent with past practice to secure obligations of Parent and any of its Subsidiaries and except for Liens consisting of restrictions on transfer agreed to in respect of investments entered into in the ordinary course of business.

  • Management of the Fund The Board shall have power to conduct the business of the Fund and carry on the Fund's operations in any and all of its branches and maintain offices both within and without the State of Illinois, and in any and all other States of the United States of America, in any and all commonwealths, territories, dependencies, colonies, or possessions of the United States of America, and in any foreign jurisdiction, and to do all such other things and execute all such instruments as the Board deems necessary, proper, or desirable in order to promote the interests of the Fund although such things are not herein specifically mentioned. Any determination as to what is in the interests of the Fund made by the Board in good faith shall be conclusive. The powers of the Board may be exercised without order of or resort to any court.

  • Expenses of the Funds In addition to the liability of the Custodian under this Article V, the Custodian shall be liable to each applicable Fund for all reasonable costs and expenses incurred by such Fund in connection with any claim by such Fund against the Custodian arising from the obligations of the Custodian hereunder, including, without limitation, all reasonable attorneys' fees and expenses incurred by such Fund in asserting any such claim, and all expenses incurred by such Fund in connection with any investigations, lawsuits or proceedings relating to such claim; provided that, such Fund has recovered from the Custodian for such claim.

  • Expenses of the Fund Other than as provided for in Sections 1 and 3, the Fund shall be responsible for all of its own fees, expenses, charges, assessments, taxes, and other costs incurred in its operations, whether incurred directly by the Fund or incurred by the Manager on behalf of the Fund (together, “fees and expenses”). Such fees and expenses payable by the Fund shall include, but are not limited to:

  • Interest Bearing Call or Time Deposits The Bank shall, upon receipt of Proper Instructions relating to the purchase by the Fund of interest-bearing fixed-term and call deposits, transfer cash, by wire or otherwise, in such amounts and to such bank or banks as shall be indicated in such Proper Instructions. The Bank shall include in its records with respect to the assets of the Fund appropriate notation as to the amount of each such deposit, the banking institution with which such deposit is made (the "Deposit Bank"), and shall retain such forms of advice or receipt evidencing the deposit, if any, as may be forwarded to the Bank by the Deposit Bank. Such deposits shall be deemed Portfolio Securities of the Fund and the responsibility of the Bank therefore shall be the same as and no greater than the Bank's responsibility in respect of other Portfolio Securities of the Fund.