Retained Samples Sample Clauses

Retained Samples. GSK shall retain samples from each batch of Products for a period of one (1) year after the shipment of such batch to Prometheus or such longer period required by Applicable Laws for record keeping, testing and regulatory purposes. In the event that Prometheus want samples from any batch of Products retained longer than one (1) year, Prometheus shall provide a written request to GSK not less than thirty days prior to the first anniversary of the shipment of such batch requesting that such Product be shipped to Prometheus or a specified designee. Promptly after receiving such request, GSK shall ship such Product to Prometheus at Prometheus' sole cost and expense. In the absence of any such request, GSK shall have the right to dispose of Product samples in accordance with Applicable Law at GSK's sole cost and expense.
Retained Samples. Bachem Shall retain sufficient samples of Product for [***] years after batch release A quantity sufficient to perform at least [***] shall be retained. Xeris Shall retain Product samples as described in Section 6.1 above.
Retained Samples. FRESENIUS will take and retain, for such period and in such quantities as required by GMP and the applicable Quality Agreement, samples of Product Manufactured under this Agreement (“Retained Samples”).
Retained Samples. Supplier shall retain and store in accordance with cGMP Requirements and Supplier’s internal quality standard operating procedures, retained samples of each batch of Product manufactured under this Agreement.
Retained Samples. Matricel will retain sufficient samples of the product to carry out [***] full specification test of the ACI-Maix-Membrane Product.
Retained Samples. 6.4.1 Active Ingredients - C*P will retain samples of the active ingredients as agreed between C*P and ORPHAN. The amount of sample retained will be twice the quantity required to carry out all of the tests required to determine if the material meets its specifications.
Retained Samples. Fleet will be responsible for, and retain and store both Raw Material and final Product samples in accordance with SOPs and in accordance with Applicable Law, including, without limitation, those relating to cGMP. Columbia may require that a duplicate set of Product samples be supplied to Columbia for retention and storage. Such duplicate set of Product samples shall be supplied promptly.
Retained Samples. A. Product Retained Samples Product samples will be retained as specified in the Product Complaint Management Agreement.
Retained Samples. Nastech will retain samples in accordance with CFR 211.170.