Financial, Accounting, and Administrative Services Sample Clauses

Financial, Accounting, and Administrative Services. The Manager shall maintain the existence and records of the Corporation; maintain the registrations and qualifications of Fund Shares under federal and state law; monitor the financial, accounting, and administrative functions of the Fund; maintain liaison with the various agents employed by the Corporation (including the Corporation’s transfer agent, custodian, independent accountants and legal counsel) and assist in the coordination of their activities on behalf of the Fund.
Financial, Accounting, and Administrative Services. The Adviser shall:
Financial, Accounting, and Administrative Services. The Adviser shall -------------------------------------------------- maintain the existence and records of the Trust; maintain the registrations and qualifications of Trust shares under federal and state law; and perform all administrative, financial, accounting, bookkeeping and recordkeeping functions of the Trust except for any such functions that may be performed by a third party pursuant to a custodian, transfer agency or service agreement executed by the Trust. The Trust shall reimburse the Adviser for its expenses associated with all such services, including the compensation and related personnel expenses and expenses of office space, office equipment, utilities and miscellaneous office expenses, except any such expenses directly attributable to officers or employees of the Adviser who are serving as President, Vice President, Treasurer or Secretary of the Trust. The Adviser shall determine the expenses to be reimbursed by the Trust pursuant to expense allocation procedures established by the Adviser in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

Related to Financial, Accounting, and Administrative Services

  • Management and Administrative Services The Investment Adviser shall perform, or arrange for its affiliates to perform, the management and administrative services necessary for the operation of the Fund, including administering shareholder accounts and handling shareholder relations. The Investment Adviser shall provide the Fund with office space, facilities, equipment and necessary personnel and such other services as the Investment Adviser, subject to review by the Board of Directors, from time to time shall determine to be necessary or useful to perform its obligations under this Agreement. The Investment Adviser, also on behalf of the Fund, shall conduct relations with custodians, depositories, transfer agents, pricing agents, dividend disbursing agents, other shareholder servicing agents, accountants, attorneys, underwriters, brokers and dealers, corporate fiduciaries, insurers, banks and such other persons in any such other capacity deemed to be necessary or desirable. The Investment Adviser generally shall monitor the Fund's compliance with investment policies and restrictions as set forth in filings made by the Fund under the federal securities laws. The Investment Adviser shall make reports to the Board of Directors of its performance of obligations hereunder and furnish advice and recommendations with respect to such other aspects of the business and affairs of the Fund as it shall determine to be desirable.

  • Legal and Accounting Services The Company may obtain legal and accounting services to the extent reasonably necessary for the conduct of the Company's business. SECTION 7 BOOKS OF ACCOUNT, ACCOUNTING REPORTS, TAX RETURNS, FISCAL YEAR, BANKING

  • FUND ADMINISTRATION SERVICES BNY Mellon shall provide the following fund administration services for each Fund, Series and class: § Calculate Fund approved income and per share amounts required for periodic distributions to be made by the applicable Fund, Series or class; § Coordinate a Fund’s annual audit and respond timely and completely to related requests; § Cooperate with each Fund’s independent auditors; § Supply various normal and customary portfolio and Fund statistical data as requested on an ongoing basis; and § If the chief executive officer or chief financial officer of a Fund is required to provide a certification as part of the Fund’s Form N-Q or Form N-CSR filing pursuant to regulations promulgated by the SEC under Section 302 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, provide a sub-certification in support of certain matters set forth in the aforementioned certification. Such sub-certification is to be in such form and relating to such matters as reasonably agreed to by BNY Mellon in advance. BNY Mellon shall be required to provide the sub-certification only during the term of this Agreement with respect to the applicable Fund or Series and only if it receives such cooperation as it may request to perform its investigations with respect to the sub-certification. For clarity, the sub-certification is not itself a certification under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 or under any other law, rule or regulation.

  • Administrative and Accounting Services The Administrator shall perform or supervise the performance by others of the accounting and administrative services set forth in Schedule A hereto. The Administrator shall provide the Trust with all necessary office space, equipment, personnel, compensation and facilities (including facilities for Shareholders’ and Trustees’ meetings) for providing such services. The Administrator may sub-contract with third parties to perform certain of the services to be performed by the Administrator hereunder; provided, however, that the Administrator shall remain responsible to the Trust for the acts and omissions of such other sub-contracted parties. In meeting its duties hereunder, Administrator shall have the general authority to do all acts deemed in the Administrator’s good faith belief to be necessary and proper to perform its obligations under this Agreement.

  • Fund Accounting Services Ultimus will provide the Trust with the fund accounting services as set forth below:

  • Accounting Services INSURER shall perform miscellaneous accounting services as may be reasonably requested from time to time by AIM, which services shall relate to the business contemplated by the Participation Agreement between INSURER and the Fund, as amended from time to time. Such services shall include, without limitation, periodic reconciliation and balancing of INSURER's books and records with those of the Fund with respect to such matters as cash accounts, Portfolio share purchase and redemption orders placed with the Fund, dividend and distribution payments by the Fund, and such other accounting matters that may arise from time to time in connection with the operations of the Fund as related to the business contemplated by the Participation Agreement.

  • Bookkeeping and Administrative Expenses If so provided in the Prospectus, as compensation for providing bookkeeping and other administrative services of a character described in Section 26(a)(2)(C) of the Investment Company Act of 1940 to the extent such services are in addition to, and do not duplicate, the services to be provided hereunder by the Trustee or the Depositor for providing supervisory services, the Depositor shall receive at the times specified in Section 3.05, against a statement or statements therefor submitted to the Trustee an aggregate annual fee in an amount which shall not exceed that amount set forth in the Prospectus, calculated as specified in Section 3.05. Such compensation may, from time to time, be adjusted provided that the total adjustment upward does not, at the time of such adjustment, exceed the percentage of the total increase, during the period from the Trust Agreement to the date of any such increase, in consumer prices for services as measured by the United States Department of Labor Consumer Price Index entitled "All Services Less Rent of Shelter" or similar index as described under Section 3.18. The consent or concurrence of any Unitholder hereunder shall not be required for any such adjustment or increase. Such compensations shall be paid by the Trustee, upon receipt of invoice therefor from the Depositor, upon which, as to the cost incurred by the Depositor of providing services hereunder the Trustee may rely, and shall be charged against the Income and Capital Accounts as specified in Section 3.05. The Trustee shall have no liability to any Unitholder or other person for any payment made in good faith pursuant to this Section. If the cash balance in the Income and Capital Accounts shall be insufficient to provide for amounts payable pursuant to this Section 3.23, the Trustee shall have the power to sell (1) Securities from the current list of Securities designated to be sold pursuant to Section 5.02 hereof, or (2) if no such Securities have been so designated, such Securities as the Trustee may see fit to sell in its own discretion, and to apply the proceeds of any such sale in payment of the amounts payable pursuant to this Section 3.23. Any moneys payable to the Depositor pursuant to this Section 3.23 shall be secured by a prior lien on the Trust except that no such lien shall be prior to any lien in favor of the Trustee under the provisions of Section 6.04. Any moneys payable to the Depositor pursuant to this Section 3.23 shall be secured by a prior lien on the Trust except that no such lien shall be prior to any lien in favor of the Trustee under the provisions of Section 6.04.

  • Additional Accounting Services Ultimus shall also perform the following additional accounting services for each Portfolio:

  • Tax Accounting Services (1) Maintain accounting records for the investment portfolio of the Fund to support the tax reporting required for “regulated investment companies” under the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the “Code”).

  • Custody and Accounting Services All expenses of the transfer, receipt, safekeeping, servicing and accounting for the cash, securities, and other property of the Corporation, for the benefit of the Fund, including all charges of depositories, custodians, and other agents, if any;