Administrative Review definition

Administrative Review means a review conducted by the state department of human services that is open to the participation of the parents of the child and conducted by an administrative reviewer who is not responsible for the case management of, or the delivery of services to, either the child or the parents who are the subject of the review.
Administrative Review means any decision making process of the director requested by a party aggrieved with an action taken under these rules except the hearing process described in OAR 436-001.
Administrative Review means the formal process that is used when the individual or the individual's legal representative is not satisfied with the decision made by the brokerage about a complaint involving the provision of services or a provider.

Examples of Administrative Review in a sentence

  • Statutory Authority: Chapter 74.18 RCW.67-45-070 Administrative review.

  • Administrative review includes verifying eligibility, appropriate vendor or Participating Provider, and benefit coverage.

  • Administrative review and approval is not required if signage to be installed is consistent with signage plans submitted, reviewed and approved as part of this permit approval.

More Definitions of Administrative Review

Administrative Review means review by the state board upon request of a parent.
Administrative Review means the internal process the Department uses to review a decision to terminate or not to terminate a homecare worker's provider enrollment.
Administrative Review means a procedure by which the department may provide an opportunity for an applicant or eligible individual to express and seek remedy for dissatisfaction with a decision regarding the furnishing or denial of services.
Administrative Review means a review by GSFC staff of an eligibility determination made by an Eligible Postsecondary Institution or by GSFC to determine if a program rule, policy, or regulation was applied correctly in a student’s specific case.