Protection Sample Clauses

Protection. The Asset Representations Reviewer will take reasonable measures to protect the secrecy of and avoid disclosure and unauthorized use of Confidential Information, including those measures that it takes to protect its own confidential information and not less than a reasonable standard of care. The Asset Representations Reviewer acknowledges that Personally Identifiable Information is also subject to the additional requirements in Section 4.09.
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Protection. Each party agrees to protect the confidentiality of the Confidential Information of the other party in the same manner that it protects the confidentiality of its own proprietary and confidential information of like kind (but in no event using less than reasonable care).
Protection. During the course of the Partiesperformance under this Agreement, a Party may receive or become exposed to Confidential Information. Except as set forth herein, the Parties agree to keep in confidence and not to copy, disclose, or distribute any Confidential Information or any part thereof, without the prior written permission of the Party supplying such Confidential Information (“Supplying Party”). In addition, each Party shall require that its employees, its subcontractors and its subcontractors’ employees and agents to whom Confidential Information is exposed agree to be bound by the terms and conditions contained herein. Each Party shall be responsible for any breach of this section by its employees, its subcontractors and its subcontractors’ employees and agents.
Protection. 1. Investments made by investors of one Contracting Party in the territory of the other Contracting Party shall at all times be treated fairly and equitably and shall enjoy full protection and security in accordance with international law.
Protection. The receiver will: (a) use Confidential Information of the discloser only for the purposes contemplated in the Agreement; and (b) protect Confidential Information from unauthorized disclosure to third parties for the following time periods: (i) indefinitely with respect to technical information about a discloser’s products and services (including the APEX Service) or any information about unreleased products or services; and (ii) 3 years from the date of receipt for all other Confidential Information. The obligations under this Clause will survive any termination of the Agreement.
Protection. 1. Each Contracting Party shall protect within its territory the investments made in accordance with its laws by investors of the other Contracting Party and shall not obstruct by unreasonable or discriminatory measures the management, maintenance, use, enjoyment, extension, sale or, where appropriate, liquidation of such investments.
Protection. The Contractor shall take proper safety and health precautions to protect the Work, the workers, the public, and the property of others. He shall comply with the provisions of the Construction Safety Orders issued by the State Division of Occupational Safety & Health. He shall also be responsible for all materials delivered and Work performed until completion and acceptance of the entire construction Work, except for any completed unit of construction thereof which until completion and acceptance of the entire construction Work, except for any completed unit of construction thereof which theretofore may have been accepted. The Contractor shall maintain continuously adequate protection of all his Work from damage and shall protect the County's property from injury or loss arising in connection with this Contract. He shall make good any such damage, injury or loss, except such as may be directly due to errors in the Contract documents or caused by agents or representatives of the County. He shall adequately protect adjacent property as provided by law and the Contract documents, and shall maintain reasonable security of the site at all times. He shall limit visitors to the site to those necessary for construction and inspections. Visitors for other purposes shall be referred to OC Public Works. Contractor's and subcontractors' employees shall possess means of identification at all times as required by OC Public Works while on the job site. In an emergency affecting the safety of life or of the Work or of adjoining property, the Contractor, without special instruction or authorization from the A-E or County, is hereby permitted to act at his discretion to prevent such threatened loss or injury. He shall so act if directed or instructed by OC Public Works. Any dispute as to compensation claimed by the Contractor on account of emergency Work shall be determined by agreement as hereinafter set forth. OC Public Works may notify the Contractor of any noncompliance with the foregoing provisions and the action to be taken. The Contractor shall, after receipt of such notice, immediately correct such conditions. Such notices, when delivered to the Contractor or his representative at the site of the Work, shall be deemed sufficient for said purpose. Failure of receipt of such notice from OC Public Works shall not relieve the Contractor of responsibility. If the Contractor fails or refuses to comply promptly, OC Public Works may issue an order stopping all or part of th...
Protection. Licensee must take all reasonable measures requested by Xxxxxx Xxx to protect the Licensed Materials from any unauthorized disclosure, access or use.
Protection. The installation, operation, and removal of the Roof Equipment shall be at Tenant’s sole risk. Tenant shall indemnify, defend, and hold Landlord harmless from and against any and all claims, costs, damages, liabilities and expenses (including, but not limited to, attorneys’ fees) of every kind and description that may arise out of or be connected in any way with Tenant’s installation, operation, or removal of the Roof Equipment.
Protection. 1. The owner of a protected industrial design shall have the right to prevent third parties not having the owner’s consent from making, selling or importing articles bearing or embodying a design which is a copy, or substantially a copy, of the protected design, when such acts are undertaken for commercial purposes.