Reserved Sample Clauses

Reserved. 7. BID CONTENTS Bids must be complete and legible. All Bids must be signed. All information required by the Bid Specifications must be supplied by the Bidder on the forms or in the format specified. No alteration, erasure or addition is to be made to the Bid Documents. Changes may be ignored by the Commissioner or may be grounds for rejection of the Bid. Changes, corrections and/or use of white-out in the Bid or Bidder’s response portion of the Bid Document must be initialed by an authorized representative of the Bidder. Bidders are cautioned to verify their Bids before submission, as amendments to Bids or requests for withdrawal of Bids received by the Commissioner after the time specified for the Bid opening may not be considered.
Reserved e CONTRACT AWARD NOTIFICATION An announcement to Authorized Users that a Contract has been established.
Reserved. (G) No statute, rule, regulation, executive order, decree, ruling or injunction shall have been enacted, entered, promulgated or endorsed by any court or governmental authority of competent jurisdiction which prohibits the consummation of any of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement.
Reserved. 5.11 The obligations of Seller set forth in this Section 5 to cure a Material Document Defect or a Material Breach or repurchase or replace a defective Mortgage Loan constitute the sole remedies of Purchaser or its assignees with respect to a Material Document Defect or Material Breach in respect of an outstanding Mortgage Loan; provided, that this limitation shall not in any way limit Purchaser’s rights or remedies upon breach of any other representation or warranty or covenant by Seller set forth in this Agreement (other than those set forth in Exhibit 2).
Reserved. (c) Notwithstanding anything contained in this Section to the contrary, if Borrower is a housing cooperative corporation or association, Lender acknowledges and consents to Borrower’s use of the Mortgaged Property as a housing cooperative.
Reserved. (c) No later than 5 Business Days after Lender’s receipt of a written request from Borrower, Lender will provide the following information to an Approved Seller/Servicer:
Reserved. 9. It is understood that any of the shareholders, directors, officers, employees and agents of the Fund may be a shareholder, director, officer, employee or agent of, or be otherwise interested in, the Manager, any affiliated person of the Manager, any organization in which the Manager may have an interest or any organization which may have an interest in the Manager; that the Manager, any such affiliated person or any such organization may have an interest in the Fund; and that the existence of any such dual interest shall not affect the validity hereof or of any transactions hereunder except as otherwise provided in the articles of incorporation of the Fund, the limited liability company agreement of the Manager or specific provisions of applicable law.
Reserved. B. The following definitions are added to Article XII:
Reserved. (i) Borrower will pay all reasonable costs and expenses incurred by Lender in connection with the Defeasance in full on or prior to the Defeasance Closing Date, which payment is required prior to Lender’s issuance of the Release Instruments and whether or not Defeasance is completed. Such expenses include all fees, costs and expenses incurred by Lender and its agents in connection with the Defeasance (including Attorneys’ Fees and Costs for the review and preparation of the Pledge Agreement and of the other materials described in this Loan Agreement and any related documentation, Rating Agencies’ fees, or other costs related to the Defeasance). Lender reserves the right to require that Borrower post a deposit to cover costs which Lender reasonably anticipates that Lender will incur in connection with the Defeasance.