Reserved Sample Clauses

Reserved. (b) Commercial General Liability: $1,000,000 combined single limit per occurrence for bodily injury, personal injury and property damage. Coverage shall include, Premises and Operations, Independent Contractors, Products and Completed Operations, Contractual Liability and Broad Form Property Damage coverage. If a general aggregate is used, the general aggregate limit shall apply separately to the project or the general aggregate limit shall be twice the occurrence limit.
Reserved. 7. BID CONTENTS Bids must be complete and legible. All Bids must be signed. All information required by the Bid Specifications must be supplied by the Bidder on the forms or in the format specified. No alteration, erasure or addition is to be made to the Bid Documents. Changes may be ignored by the Commissioner or may be grounds for rejection of the Bid. Changes, corrections and/or use of white-out in the Bid or Bidder’s response portion of the Bid Document must be initialed by an authorized representative of the Bidder. Bidders are cautioned to verify their Bids before submission, as amendments to Bids or requests for withdrawal of Bids received by the Commissioner after the time specified for the Bid opening may not be considered.
Reserved. 5.11 The obligations of Seller set forth in this Section 5 to cure a Material Document Defect or a Material Breach or repurchase or replace a defective Mortgage Loan constitute the sole remedies of Purchaser or its assignees with respect to a Material Document Defect or Material Breach in respect of an outstanding Mortgage Loan; provided, that this limitation shall not in any way limit Purchaser’s rights or remedies upon breach of any other representation or warranty or covenant by Seller set forth in this Agreement (other than those set forth in Exhibit 2).
Reserved. (c) This Agreement may also be amended from time to time by the parties with the consent of the Holders of Certificates representing not less than 51% of the aggregate Voting Rights of the Certificates then outstanding, for the purpose of adding any provisions to or changing in any manner or eliminating any of the provisions of this Agreement or of modifying in any manner the rights of the Holders; provided that no such amendment may (i) directly or indirectly reduce in any manner the amount of, or delay the timing of, the distributions required to be made on any Certificate without the consent of the Holder of such Certificate, (ii) modify this Section 14.3 without the consent of 100% of the Certificateholders, (iii) eliminate or reduce the Master Servicer’s or the Trustee’s obligation to make an Advance, including without limitation, in the case of the Master Servicer, the obligation to advance on a Serviced B Note or Serviced Companion Loan, or alter the Servicing Standard except as may be necessary or desirable to comply with the REMIC Provisions, (iv) adversely affect the status of any REMIC Pool as a REMIC for federal income tax purposes (as evidenced by a Nondisqualification Opinion) without the consent of 100% of the Certificateholders (including the Class R Certificateholders), or the status of the Grantor Trust as a grantor trust without the consent of 100% of the holders of the Class V Certificates, (v) adversely affect the interests of any Class of Certificateholders (other than as contemplated by clause (i), (ii) or clause (vi) of this sentence) without the consent of Certificateholders entitled to 66-2/3% of the Voting Rights allocated to such Class, and (vi) adversely affect the Voting Rights of any Class of Certificateholders without the consent of Certificateholders entitled to 100% of the Voting Rights allocated to such Class. The Trustee may request, at its option, to receive a Nondisqualification Opinion and an Opinion of Counsel that any amendment pursuant to this Section 14.3(c) is permitted by this Agreement at the expense of the party requesting the amendment.
Reserved. (e) Funds in the Collection Account (including any Custodial Accounts) may be invested and, if invested, shall be invested by, and at the risk of, the Master Servicer in Eligible Investments selected by the Master Servicer which shall mature, unless payable on demand, not later than the Business Day immediately preceding the next Master Servicer Remittance Date, and any such Eligible Investment shall not be sold or disposed of prior to its maturity unless payable on demand. All such Eligible Investments shall be made in the name of “Wilmington Trust, National Association, as Trustee for the benefit of the Holders of the Morgan Stanley Bank of America Merrill Lynch Trust 2015-C22, Commercial Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates, Series 2015-C22 and the holder of any related Serviced Companion Loan or B Note, as their interests may appear.” None of the Depositor, the Mortgagors, the Underwriters, the Initial Purchasers, the Sellers, the Special Servicer, the Certificate Administrator, the Trustee or the Trust Advisor shall be liable for any loss incurred on such Eligible Investments. 164 An amount equal to all income and gain realized from any such investment (net of any portion thereof applied to offset losses on other investments) shall be paid to the Master Servicer as additional servicing compensation and shall be subject to its withdrawal at any time from time to time. The amount of any losses incurred in respect of any such investments shall be for the account of the Master Servicer which shall deposit the amount of such loss (to the extent not offset by income from other investments) in the Collection Account (and, solely to the extent that the loss is of an amount credited to a Custodial Account, deposit to such Custodial Account) out of its own funds immediately as realized; provided that, such investment losses shall not include any loss with respect to such investment which is incurred solely as a result of the insolvency of the federal or state chartered depositary institution or trust company at which such Investment Account is maintained, so long as such depositary institution or trust company (a) satisfied the qualifications set forth in the definition ofEligible Account” both at the time such investment was made and as of a date not more than thirty (30) days prior to the date of such loss and (b) is not the Person that made the relevant investment. If the Master Servicer deposits in or transfers to the Collection Account or any Custodial Acc...
Reserved. (c) A Servicer Termination Event may be waived by the Holders of Certificates evidencing not less than 66-2/3% of the aggregate Voting Rights of the Certificates (except a default (i) in making any required deposits to or payments from the Collection Account or the Distribution Account in accordance with this Agreement, (ii) in remitting payments as received in accordance with this Agreement or (iii) under clauses (ix) and (x) of the definition of “Servicer Termination Event”). If a Servicer Termination Event by the Master Servicer is waived in connection with an A/B Whole Loan or a Loan Pair, the holder of the related B Note or Serviced Companion Loan, as applicable, shall, to the extent set forth in the related Intercreditor Agreement, be entitled to require that the Master Servicer appoint a Sub-Servicer to service such A/B Whole Loan or Loan Pair, as the case may be, if such Sub-Servicer meets the requirements that a successor master servicer would be required to satisfy to be a successor master servicer set forth in Section 8.22(b); provided that the Master Servicer shall be required to provide each Rating Agency with a Rating Agency Communication.