Adjoining Property Sample Clauses

Adjoining Property. The Contractor shall be required to protect all the adjoining property and to repair or replace any such properties damaged or destroyed by it, its employees or subcontractors through, by reason of or as a result of activities under, for or related to the Contract.
Adjoining Property. Nothing contained or implied in this Lease imposes or is to be deemed to impose any restriction on the use of any other part of the Building or any adjoining or neighbouring property or give the Tenant the benefit of or the right to enforce or to have enforced or to prevent the release or modification of any covenant, agreement or condition or to prevent or restrict its development.
Adjoining Property. Contractor shall ensure that all of its activities and the activities of all Contractor-Related Parties are undertaken in a manner that will reasonably minimize the effect on surrounding property and the public.
Adjoining Property. Except as may be disclosed in the Environmental Reports, to Indemnitor's knowledge, no property adjoining the Mortgaged Property is or has in the past been used for the disposal, storage, treatment, processing, manufacturing or other handling of Hazardous Substances in violation of any Environmental Laws, nor, to Indemnitor's knowledge, is any other property adjoining the Mortgaged Property affected by Hazardous Substances Contamination.
Adjoining Property. To carry out works of construction, demolition, alteration or redevelopment on Centre and any adjoining property (and to permit others to do so) as Catapult in its absolute discretion considers fit (whether or not these works interfere with the flow of light and air to the Module). Catapult shall use all reasonable efforts to ensure that any such works do not interfere with COLLABORATOR’s use of the Module and undertaking of the Project. Catapult shall provide all Collaborators and COLLABORATOR with reasonably advanced notice of any such works through the Collaborator Forums.
Adjoining Property. Seller makes no representations as to matters affecting adjacent parcels, and Purchaser should exercise whatever due diligence that Purchaser deems necessary with respect to adjacent parcels.
Adjoining Property. The Contractor shall protect all adjoining property and shall repair or replace any said property damaged or destroyed by the Contractor during the progress of the Work.
Adjoining Property. Except for the SunTrust Parking Lease, the SunTrust Parking Sublease (and the subsubleases referenced in the definition of the Uccello Immobilien Parking Premises contained in this Agreement) and the Special Parking Lease, there are no written or, to the best of their knowledge, other binding agreements between Seller and the owner or occupants of any lands adjoining or proximately located to the Epicure Premises affecting the use or enjoyment of either of the same.
Adjoining Property. To permit the Landlord and the lessees or occupiers of any adjoining property belonging to the Landlord (including but not limited to the Retained Property) if authorised in writing by the Landlord with or without servants agents contractors licensees and workmen at all reasonable times upon not less than 48 hours prior notice to enter upon the Premises with all necessary appliances:-