Property of Others Sample Clauses

Property of Others. Unless otherwise specifically stated in the contract, the Insurer is not liable for loss or damage to property owned by any person other than the Insured, unless the interest of the Insured therein is stated in the contract.
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Property of Others. At the option of the Insurer, any loss may be paid to the Insured or adjusted with and paid to the customer or the owner of the property.
Property of Others. Losses to property of others may be adjusted with you. We reserve the right to adjust with and pay to the owners. Payment to the owners satisfies our obligation to you for loss to this property. We may also choose to defend you against any suits arising from claims of the owners of property.
Property of Others. Employee represents that his performance under this Agreement does not and will not breach any agreement to keep in confidence confidential information or trade secrets, if any, acquired by Employee in confidence prior to this Agreement. There are no agreements, written or oral, conveying rights in any research conducted by Employee. Employee represents, as part of the consideration for entering into this Agreement, that he has not brought and will not bring to Bank or use in the performance of his responsibilities at Bank any equipment, supplies, facility or trade secret information of any current or former employer or organization with which he provided services which are not generally available to the public, unless he has obtained written authorization for their possession and use.
Property of Others. Losses to property of others may be adjusted with and paid to:
Property of Others. In accordance with Florida law, Associate will deliver to Broker, by the end of the next business day following receipt, any funds or other items that a consumer has entrusted to Associate in connection with a real estate transaction.
Property of Others. To the Seller's Knowledge no shortage exists in (a) any inventory or finished goods owned by suppliers of the Business and stored upon its premises or otherwise or (b) any other item of personal property owned by another for which the Business is accountable to another. Without limiting the foregoing, all items of personal property for which the Business is accountable under any consignment contract, or otherwise are fully accounted for with no shortages or missing or lost items, are in workable, usable and saleable condition and have suffered no damage or deterioration, normal wear and tear excepted. Should shortages exist at Closing, the Seller shall be responsible for any required compensation or replenishment.
Property of Others. (applicable to property insurance only) Where a claim is made as a result of loss of or damage to property not owned by the Insured, the Insurer reserves the right to pay the indemnity to the Insured or to the owner of the property and to deal directly with such owner.