Corrective action definition

Corrective action means action taken to eliminate the cause of a potential or real non- conformity or other undesirable situation;
Corrective action means that term as defined in section 11502 of the natural resources and environmental protection act, 1994 PA 451, MCL 324.11502.
Corrective action means action taken to eliminate the cause of a potential or actual non-conformity or other undesirable situation;

Examples of Corrective action in a sentence

  • Corrective action may include, but is not limited to, requiring the Contractor to compensate the MBE for work performed as set forth in the MBE participation schedule.

  • Corrective action shall be taken and documented if the total repeat or reject rate for the facility exceeds 5.0% or changes from the previously determined rate by more than 2.0% of the total films included in the analysis.

  • Corrective action to adequately reduce workplace hazards will be taken by the employer.

  • Corrective action plans must be maintained on-site by the person in charge of a school and submitted to the Department within 5 business days of discovery of the condition to be corrected.

  • Corrective action may include disciplinary action up to and including dismissal of staff, or termination of other worker’s services.

More Definitions of Corrective action

Corrective action means an action taken to reduce, minimize, eliminate, clean up, control or monitor a release to protect the public health and safety or the environment. Corrective action includes, but is not limited to, excavation of an underground storage tank for the purpose of repairing a leak or removal of a tank, removal of contaminated soil, disposal or processing of contaminated soil, cleansing of groundwaters or surface waters, natural biodegradation, institutional controls, technological controls and site management practices. Corrective action does not include replacement of an underground storage tank. Corrective action specifically excludes third-party liability.
Corrective action means that term as defined in part 111 or part 213.
Corrective action means action that is taken in response to a discharge and that is necessary to restore the environment to the extent practicable and to minimize the harmful effects of the discharge to the air, lands or waters of this state. “Corrective action” includes action taken or ordered by the department of nat- ural resources under s.292.11 (7) in response to a discharge, but does not include action ordered by the department of natural resources under s. 291.37 (2) or 291.95. “Corrective action” does not include action taken, or ordered to be completed, before Janu- ary 1, 1989.
Corrective action means an action required by the department to minimize, contain, eliminate, remediate, mitigate, or clean up a release, including any remedial emergency measures. The term does not include the repair or replacement of equipment or preconstructed property.
Corrective action means the use of commission-approved methods to ensure that wells within the area of review do not serve as conduits for the movement of fluids into underground sources of drinking water.
Corrective action means those actions which may be necessary to protect human health and the environment as a result of an accidental release, sudden or nonsudden.
Corrective action or “Corrective Action Plan” means an Authority-initiated request for an MCE or an MCE-initiated request for a subcontractor to develop and implement a time specific plan for the correction of identified areas of noncompliance.