Resolution Sample Clauses

Resolution. If the Employer provides the requested remedy or a mutually agreed-upon alternative, the grievance will be considered resolved and may not be moved to the next step.
Resolution. A county, city, district, or other local public body must provide the State with a copy of a resolution, order, motion, or ordinance of the local governing body which by law has authority to enter into an agreement, authorizing execution of the agreement.
Resolution. If either Party causes an Impairment in Service, the Party whose network or service is being impaired (the "Impaired Party") shall promptly notify the Party causing the Impairment of Service (the "Impairing Party") of the nature and location of the problem and that, unless promptly rectified, a temporary discontinuance of the use of any circuit, facility or equipment may be required. The Impairing Party and the Impaired Party agree to work together to attempt to promptly resolve the Impairment of Service. If the Impairing Party is unable to promptly remedy the Impairment of Service, then the Impaired Party may at its option temporarily discontinue the use of the affected circuit, facility or equipment.
Resolution. The joint investigators will then complete the report on the findings of the investigation and a copy of the completed Incident Report will be forwarded to the Human Resource Manager and the Plant Chairperson who will make a determination on an appropriate resolution. The Human Resource Manager and the Plant Chairperson will attempt to resolve within ten (10) days and ensure the resolution is fair and consistent with the intent of the Company and National CAW policy regarding discrimination and harassment in the workplace. At the conclusion of this step, the complaint, if unresolved, will be inserted into the third step of the Grievance Procedure for resolution. In the event that the complaint is not resolved by the parties at the third step of the Grievance Procedure it may be appealed to arbitration in accordance with the provisions of the Collective Agreement. The parties agree that this procedure is an alternative complaint procedure and as such complaints should not be pursued through both the Grievance Procedure and the Human Rights Complaint Procedure. The pursuit of frivolous allegations though the Human Rights Complaint Procedure has a detrimental effect on the spirit and intent for which this policy was rightfully developed and should be discouraged.
Resolution. Lenovo will notify Licensee in writing if any such verification indicates that Licensee has used any Program in excess of its Authorized Use or is otherwise not in compliance with the IPLA Program Terms. Licensee agrees to promptly pay directly to Lenovo the charges that Lenovo specifies in an invoice for 1) any such excess use, 2) support for such excess use for the lesser of the duration of such excess use or two years, and 3) any additional charges and other liabilities determined as a result of such verification.
Resolution. Upon the receipt of written approval of the Reviewing Party, the Publishing Party may proceed with the written publication or the oral presentation.
Resolution. Is the issue resolved? Yes No If yes, how is it resolved? If no, please provide the date in which you forwarded this to Labour-Management.
Resolution. If ISB, in its sole discretion, has determined that there is an Acknowledged Incident and after the applicable Acknowledged Incident Severity Level has been determined, it shall, without prejudice to article 2.2. above, use commercially reasonable efforts to find a reasonable solution for the Acknowledged Incident or to provide a reasonable workaround for the Acknowledged Incident. If possible, each individual issue or problem reported to ISB shall be tracked from initial report or submission through final resolution according to the terms and conditions of this Addendum 2. A single Acknowledged Incident may involve multiple technical support rounds provided by ISB. The Time within which ISB estimates to find a reasonable solution or to provide a reasonable workaround depends on the Acknowledged Incident being simple or complex as specified hereunder.
Resolution. 12.1 Any disputes about the nature of the Employee’s performance agreement, whether it relates to key responsibilities, priorities, methods of assessment and/ or any other matter provided for, shall be mediated by –
Resolution. It is understood that this Memorandum or any part thereof is not binding upon the City until and unless the same or provisions of same be adopted by ordinances or resolutions of the City Council. This Memorandum of Understanding resolves in full, for its duration, all issues between the parties concerning wages, hours and other terms and conditions of employment.