Make Good Sample Clauses

Make Good. If, at the end of the Service Period, Company's content --------- has not, in the aggregate, received total Clicks equal to or greater than the Minimum Guaranteed Clicks, and provided that Company has complied with its obligations hereunder, Netscape will, at its discretion: (i) continue to link the Results Page to the Jump Pages as specified in Section 3 beyond the end of the Service Period until such time as the Minimum Guaranteed Clicks have been achieved, or (ii) deliver to Company a program of equivalent value as a remedy for the shortfall in Clicks. The remedy set forth in this Section 5.3 shall be Company's sole and exclusive remedy, and Netscape's sole and exclusive obligation, regarding Netscape's obligation set forth in Section 5.2 in the event, by the end of the Service Period, the Minimum Guaranteed Clicks have not been achieved.
Make Good. (a) The Company projects that it will produce at least 60,000 ounces of gold (the “Production Target”) in its fiscal years ending December 31, 2010 and 2011 combined. The Company acknowledges that the Placement Agent and the Investors are making their investment decision and valuation of the Company based in part based upon these projections.
Make Good. If, upon the Tenant vacating the Premises, the Tenant has satisfied its obligations under clause 15 of this Lease and is not in default of any of its other obligations under this Lease and the Landlord is not required to draw down on the Bank Guarantee to rectify the Tenant’s default the Landlord shall promptly release the Bank Guarantee to the Tenant.
Make Good. The Contractor must make good at its own cost any loss or damage to the Works, materials or plant to the extent that it is responsible for those Works, materials or plant under 2.7.1.
Make Good. On completion of the installation of its UFB Equipment, Chorus will (at Chorus’ cost), reinstate or repair any damage to any part of the building, including any part affected by the installation of the lead in, as reasonably close as possible to the original condition prior to such damage. Such reinstatement or repair will be on a “like for like” basis (for example, for the external lead in Chorus will use concrete where concrete has been used, grass where grass has been used and asphalt where asphalt has been used; Chorus does not guarantee to match surface finish (e.g., colour, texture or pattern) and reinstatement will be limited to the area where the trench has been dug).
Make Good. Provisions for the estimated cost of work to comply with make good provisions in certain Group property leases are recognised at the Directorsbest estimate of the expenditure to settle the Group’s obligation.