Advertising Sample Clauses

Advertising. Subject to Chapter 119, Florida Statutes, the Contractor shall not publicly disseminate any information concerning the Contract without prior written approval from the Customer, including, but not limited to mentioning the Contract in a press release or other promotional material, identifying the Customer or the State as a reference, or otherwise linking the Contractor’s name and either a description of the Contract or the name of the State or the Customer in any material published, either in print or electronically, to any entity that is not a party to Contract, except potential or actual authorized distributors, dealers, resellers, or service representative.
Advertising. Mitchell Hutchins agrees to make available such sales and advertising materials relating to the Shares as Mitchell Hutchins in its discretion determines appropriate. PaineWebber agrees to submit all sales and advertising materials developed by it relating to the Shares to Mitchell Hutchins for approval. PaineWebber agrees not to publish or distribute such materials to the public without first receiving such approval in writing. Mitchell Hutchins shall assist PaineWebber in obtaining any regulatory approvals of such materials that may be required of or desired by PaineWebber.
Advertising. No name, trade mark, decal or other identification, other than that of the OEM, shall be applied to the Vehicle without prior approval by the Authorized User. Identification of the Contractor shall not be attached to the Vehicle without prior approval by the Authorized User. In any instance of violation of these restrictions the cost to the State for removal of such advertising will be deducted from Contractor’s invoice.
Advertising. For purposes of this Article V, the phrase "sales literature or other promotional material" includes, but is not limited to, any material constituting sales literature or advertising under the NASD rules, the 1940 Act or the 1933 Act.
Advertising. For purposes of this Article V, the phrase “advertising, sales literature or other promotional materialincludes, but is not limited to, any material constituting sales literature or advertising under the NASD Conduct rules, the 1940 Act or the 1933 Act. Such material includes, without limitation, the following materials for prospective Contract Owners, existing Contract Owners, wholesalers and other broker-dealers, rating or ranking agencies, or the press: • advertisements (such as material published, or designed for use in, a newspaper, magazine, or other periodical, radio, television, telephone or tape recording, videotape display, signs or billboards, motion pictures, websites, or other public media), • sales literature (i.e., any written communication distributed or made generally available to customers or the public, including brochures, circulars, research reports, market letters, form letters, seminar texts, reprints or excerpts of any other advertisement, sales literature, electronic mail, or published article), • educational or training materials or other communications distributed or made generally available to some or all agents or employees, and • registration statements, prospectuses, statements of additional information, shareholder reports, and proxy materials.
Advertising. Neither the Client nor the Custodian shall display the name, trade mark or service mark of the other without the prior written approval of the other, nor will the Client display that of Citigroup, Inc. or any subsidiary of Citigroup, Inc. without prior written approval from Citigroup, Inc. or the subsidiary concerned. The Client shall not advertise or promote any service provided by the Custodian without the Custodian’s prior written consent. The restrictions set forth in this Section 19 shall not prevent the Client from disclosing in any offering memorandum, prospectus or similar document that the Custodian is acting as Client’s custodian.
Advertising. Producer shall not cause any advertisement referring to or using the name of Broker or Insurer, or issue or cause to have issued any letter, circular, pamphlet, or other publication or statement so referring, without the express written consent of Broker In the event Broker suffers a loss or expense arising out of any unauthorized advertisement, publication or statement of the Producer, the Producer shall be liable for and hereby agrees to indemnify Broker and hold Broker harmless from all resulting damages, fines, penalties and costs.