An Eligible Sample Clauses

An Eligible. Rights Holder may exercise its Basic Subscription Privileges and, if desired, Over-Subscription Privileges by completing and executing the exercise portion of the Subscription Certificate and delivering it to the Subscription Agent along with payment of the Subscription Price for at least the Basic Subscription for the aggregate number of Common Shares subscribed for prior to the Expiration Time. An Eligible Rights Holder must exercise such holder's Basic Subscription Privilege in full in order to be eligible to exercise its Over-Subscription Privilege. If an Eligible Rights Holder exercises its Basic Subscription Privilege in full, the holder may exercise its Over-Subscription Privilege for as many Common Shares as such Eligible Rights Holder indicates on its Subscription Certificate and for which the holder submits payment of the Subscription Price, subject to the availability of such shares and allocation set forth in Section 5(b).
An Eligible. Claimant may appeal the Claims Administrator’s decision to reject a corrected Enrollment and Claims Package, in whole or in part solely by notifying the Claims Administrator of its intent to appeal (each a “Notice of Appeal”) within ten (10) days of receipt of notice of such rejection.
An Eligible. Employee who makes a Rollover Contribution prior to completing the eligibility requirements as described in Section 2.1 shall also be considered a Participant, except that he or she shall not be considered a Participant for purposes of provisions related to Contributions, other than a Rollover Contribution, until he or she completes the eligibility requirements as described in Section 2.1. A Participant's participation continues until his or her employment with all Related Companies ends and his or her Account is distributed or forfeited. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
An Eligible. Recipient may cancel a training course scheduled by Amdocs at any time upon thirty (30) days prior written notice to Amdocs, provided that the Eligible Recipient shall reimburse Amdocs for reasonable expenses that are not otherwise recoverable by Amdocs incurred by Amdocs in preparation for the course.
An Eligible. Unit 1 Employee shall be an ALPA employee rep- resented by Unit 1 with employment between January 1 of the program year and December 31 of the program year.
An Eligible. Automatic Contribution Arrangement for purposes of the special rules for withdrawals is defined as an arrangement under which a Participant may elect to have the Employer make payments as contributions under the Plan or to the Participant directly in cash, under which the Participant is treated as having elected to have the Employer make such contributions in an amount equal to a uniform percentage of Compensation provided under the Plan until the Participant specifically elects not to have such contributions made (or specifically elects to have such contributions made at a different percentage), under which in the absence of an investment election by the Participant, default Elective Deferrals under the EACA are invested in an investment option designated by the Employer and which meets the notice requirements of Code Section 414(w)(4).

Related to An Eligible

  • DWAC ELIGIBLE The Common Stock must be DWAC Eligible and not subject to a “DTC chill.”

  • Determination of Eligibility The Plan Administrator shall determine the eligibility of each Employee for participation in the Plan based upon information furnished by the Employer. Such determination shall be conclusive and binding upon all persons, as long as the same is made pursuant to the Plan and the ERISA. Such determination shall be subject to review per Section 7.14.

  • Special Eligibility The following employees also receive an Employer Contribution:

  • Distribution Eligibility Shares issued in a Fund after receipt of a completed purchase order shall be eligible to receive distributions of the Fund at the time specified in the prospectus pursuant to which the Shares are offered.

  • Holiday Eligibility Except as otherwise provided in this Article, an employee must be in paid status on the working day immediately preceding or succeeding the holiday to be paid for the holiday.

  • Benefit Eligibility 1. Eligibility for increased entitlements to sick leave, vacation and longevity shall be determined by the total amount of service commencing with appointment to a permanent budgeted position.

  • General Eligibility 1. Except as provided in #2 below, a teacher who received an evaluation rating of ineffective or improvement necessary in the prior school year is not eligible for any salary increase and remains at their prior year salary.

  • Employee Eligibility For purposes of this section, “eligible employee” shall be defined by the Public Employees’ Medical and Hospital Care Act.

  • Vacation Eligibility To be eligible for full vacation pay, an employee must have been a full-time employee and received pay during all available work hours during the year preceding his/her anniversary date or have received a paid leave during the same period. If an employee has any unpaid time during the twelve

  • Student Eligibility A. The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requires mandatory assessment for all students to determine college readiness in reading, writing and math. The bill authorizes the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to prescribe assessment instruments with a statewide passing standard. The initiative allows an institution to determine when a student is ready to perform college‐level coursework. High School students who seek to register in a dual credit course, which will grant college credit must prove “college readiness” by achieving a college level score as outlined in Appendix A.