Progress Sample Clauses

Progress. The Engineer shall, from time to time during the progress of the work, confer with the County. The Engineer shall prepare and present such information as may be pertinent and necessary, or as may be requested by the County, in order to evaluate features of the work. Upon request by the County, the Engineer shall make presentations to the Commissioners Court. At the request of the County or the Engineer, conferences shall be held at the Engineer’s office, the County’s office, or at other locations designated by the County. These conferences shall also include an evaluation of the Engineer’s services and work when requested by the County. Should the County determine that the progress in production of the work does not satisfy the work schedule, the County will review the work schedule with the Engineer to determine corrective action needed. The Engineer shall promptly advise the County in writing of events which have a significant impact upon the progress of work, including:
Progress. A. Communications. From time to time during the progress of the work, the Surveyor shall confer with the State. The Surveyor shall prepare and present all information that is requested by the State or is necessary for the State to evaluate the work.
Progress. CONSULTANT is responsible for keeping the Project Administrator and/or his/her duly authorized designee informed on a regular basis regarding the status and progress of the Services, activities performed and planned, and any meetings that have been scheduled or are desired.
Progress. 7.1.1. Supplier shall deliver and perform the Deliverables according to the agreed delivery date(s). If such delivery dates have not been agreed, Supplier shall deliver and perform the Deliverables within a reasonable time according to normal business practice.
Progress. Developer shall show actual progress and not calculated progress in the 14 Monthly Progress Schedule. Developer shall incorporate logic changes and Work 15 changes into the Monthly Project Schedule. Each Monthly Project Schedule Submittal 16 must clearly and individually define the progression of the Work within the applicable 17 timeframe by using separate Project activities.
Progress. The Contractor shall review the progress of the Work not less than each month, but as often as necessary to properly manage the project and stay on schedule. The Contractor shall collect and preserve information on Change Orders, including extensions of time. The Contractor shall evaluate this information and update the schedule monthly to finish within the contractually allowed time. The Contractor shall submit the updated schedule with each progress payment request. The scheduled completion date shall be within the period of time allowed by the Contract for completion of construction, except as amended by any Change Orders.
Progress. The Consultant must: perform the Services in a timely manner; use its best endeavours to achieve completion of each Milestone within the time set out in the approved program under clause 7.2; and without being limited by paragraph (b), perform the Services within any time limits specified in the Project Contracts.
Progress. The Consultant must: regularly and diligently progress the Services; and subject to clause 8.10, achieve Completion of each Milestone by its Date for Completion.
Progress. A student must successfully complete his or her required prerequisite courses as determined by the University in order to be accepted to the Degree Program. This includes but is not limited to all required Foundations courses. Additionally, students must meet the CGPA requirement. This Agreement shall only take effect if and only when students have completed the required Foundations courses and have met the CGPA requirement. The University reserves the right to terminate a student’s enrollment if a student does not meet the requirements of the Degree Program, or fails to make Satisfactory Academic Progress as described in the University Catalog. Students taking the English Composition 1 (ENGL 0101) course are required to successfully complete the ENGL 0101 course in order to continue studies in UoPeople. All students are required to successfully complete studies in the UoPeople Foundations courses in order to be accepted to the University as an undergraduate / graduate Degree Seeking Student. A minimum passing grade may be prescribed by the University.
Progress. The milestone schedule agreed to between LES and Contractor will serve as the basis for progress payments. The schedule shall incorporate critical deliverable dates, including Substantial Completion, Delivery and Final Acceptance (if applicable) milestones and dates. The Contractor shall submit to LES Accounts Payable an invoice for payment with a copy to the Contract Owner, together with appropriate documentation evidencing that the applicable milestones have been met within 90 days of the applicable milestone being met. Upon approval of the invoice, LES shall make payments of the approved amount of the invoice within 30 days after receipt of the invoice.