Corrective Action Sample Clauses

Corrective Action. Should the State determine that the progress of work does not satisfy the milestone schedule set forth in a work authorization, the State shall review the work schedule with the Engineer to determine the nature of corrective action needed.
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Corrective Action. Despite its right to terminate this Agreement pursuant to this Article, the LHIN may choose not to terminate this Agreement and may take whatever corrective action it considers necessary and appropriate, including suspending Funding for such period as the LHIN determines, to ensure the successful completion of the Services in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
Corrective Action. Final Counseling that occurs within the six (6) months prior to the layoff will be considered in effect should the employee be rehired. The employee will continue to be subject to any consequences of not following the directives and/or action plan(s) specified in the current corrective action.
Corrective Action. Where audit findings indicate deficiencies in the controls, a corrective action plan shall be developed by the Official Agency in liaison with the Authority.The Authority will monitor implementation of the plan to ensure corrective action is adequate, appropriate and implemented in a timely manner. The Authority may, if it is deemed appropriate, verify closeout of findings through a supplementary audit
Corrective Action. (a) No corrective action will be taken without just cause.
Corrective Action. If the County determines that a breach of contract has occurred, that is, the Contractor has failed to comply with any terms or conditions of this Contract or the Contractor has failed to provide in any manner the work or services agreed to herein, and if the County deems said breach to warrant corrective action, the following sequence will apply:
Corrective Action. In the event any governmental or other regulatory agency shall request or order, or if PPD reasonably determines, based on communications from or correspondence with any governmental or regulatory authority, to undertake, any corrective action with respect to any Product, which shall include but not be limited to any stock recovery or corrective action, (collectively, all of the foregoing, “Corrective Action”), and the cause or basis of such Corrective Action is attributable to a breach by Janssen of any of its warranties, representations, or obligations contained herein, then Janssen shall be liable, and shall reimburse PPD, for all reasonable costs of such action, including but not limited to the cost of any Product which is affected thereby and any cost of replacing such Product. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if Janssen disputes PPD’s determination of a Corrective Action, the dispute shall be resolved as specified in Article 14.
Corrective Action. The NAVITAIRE Account Manager shall monitor corrective action and report to the Executive Sponsors. In the event that Minimum System Availability Targets are not met during the Reporting Period, the NAVITAIRE Account Manager shall initiate corrective action during the subsequent Reporting Period. NAVITAIRE shall, at its own expense, use commercially reasonable efforts to correct the deficiency in order to meet future Minimum System Availability Targets.
Corrective Action. A. The Union recognizes the right of the City to take corrective action with employees for just and proper cause. Corrective action may include oral and written reprimands, reduction in pay, suspension or dismissal.
Corrective Action. In the event the Mortgagor is in breach of any of its representations, warranties or agreements as set forth above, then, without limiting the Mortgagee’s other rights hereunder, the Mortgagor, at its sole expense, shall take all actions required, including, without limitation, environmental cleanup of the Mortgaged Property, to comply with the representations, warranties, and covenants contained herein and with all applicable legal requirements and, in any event, shall take all actions deemed necessary under all applicable Environmental Laws.