Time Allowed Sample Clauses

Time Allowed. Allowable leave shall be for not more than sixty (60) workdays in any one (1) fiscal year for the same illness or accident. Allowable leave shall not be accumulated from year to year. If the same illness or injury extends into the next fiscal year, the unit member shall be allowed to use only the amount of leave remaining from the previous fiscal year.
Time Allowed. The sickness or injury allowance time shall be determined as follows:
Time Allowed i) Laytime allowed to Buyer for Seller to make Delivery of the Cargo shall be thirty-six (36) hours, unless the Cargo is a Part Cargo.
Time Allowed. An employee who must make arrangements for, attend a funeral, or attend to estate business following the funeral during his regularly scheduled work hours shall be permitted to use up to five days of sick leave for that funeral. This five-day limit for a single funeral may be extended at the discretion of the department head. An employee will be allowed to use up to a maximum of ten days of sick leave as funeral leave in one calendar year. Any additional time required to make arrangements for or to attend a funeral, or to attend to estate business following the funeral, may be taken as vacation, compensatory leave, personal leave, or time off without pay.

Related to Time Allowed

  • Shoe Allowance The employer will provide reimbursement to full time employees who have completed probation and who are employed in the kitchen and stewarding departments and yard person and shampoo classifications once per year the amount of $75.00 and once every two years the amount of $75.00 for maintenance, stores person, banquet house person, and fix –it employees in housekeeping. Employees will receive said amount so long as the shoes are worn on the job. Payment will be made on or about July 1 upon presentation of proof of purchase.

  • Mileage Allowance 1. The mileage allowance is forty-four cents ($.44) per mile, or the federal rate whichever is less.

  • Vacation Allowance Employees in permanent positions are entitled to vacation with pay. Accrual is based upon straight time hours of working time per calendar month of service and begins on the date of appointment to a permanent position. Increased accruals begin on the first of the month following the month in which the employee qualifies. Accrual for portions of a month shall be in minimum amounts of one (1) hour calculated on the same basis as for partial month compensation pursuant to Section 5.6 of this MOU. Vacation credits may be taken in one (1) minute increments but may not be taken during the first six (6) months of employment (not necessarily synonymous with probationary status) except where sick leave has been exhausted; and none shall be allowed in excess of actual accrual at the time vacation is taken.

  • Cleaning Allowance The University will pay for the cleaning of Department issued uniforms and necessary work clothing requiring cleaning worn by employees assigned to non-uniformed positions.

  • Shift Allowance In addition to the wage specified in sub-clause (1), read with sub- clause (12), a normal shift worker shall, in respect of his shift hours worked in any week, be paid an additional 12,5% on such wage.

  • Safety Shoe Allowance Full-Time Effective the next payout following the date of ratification (December 21, 2004) the Hospital will provide $90.00 per year to each full-time employee who is required by the Hospital to wear safety footwear during the course of his duties. Part-Time Effective the next payout following the date of ratification (December 21, 2004) the Hospital will provide $45.00 per year to each part-time employee who is required by the Hospital to wear safety footwear during the course of his duties.

  • Training Allowance Operators who are required by the Employer to provide training to a specified level and to certify to the competency of the employees so trained shall receive twelve dollars ($12) per day while training. In such cases, the most senior qualified operator with the capability to provide training in the required class of equipment shall be given the opportunity to provide such training.

  • Separation Allowance 20.3.1 Where an employee resigns and his or her resignation takes effect within one (1) month after receiving surplus notice, he or she shall be entitled to a separation allowance of two (2) weeks’ salary for each year of continuous service to a maximum of twelve (12) weeks’ pay. On production of receipts from an approved educational program within twelve (12) months of resignation, the employee may be reimbursed for tuition fees up to a maximum of three thousand dollars ($3,000). An employee who resigns pursuant to Article 20.3 will not be eligible for any other entitlements under Article 20.

  • Retirement Allowance Prior to issuing notice of layoff pursuant to article 9.08(a)(ii) in any classification(s), the Hospital will offer early-retirement allowance to a sufficient number of employees eligible for early retirement under HOOPP within the classification(s) in order of seniority, to the extent that the maximum number of employees within a classification who elect early retirement is equivalent to the number of employees within the classification(s) who would otherwise receive notice of layoff under article 9.08(a)(ii). An employee who elects an early retirement option shall receive, following completion of the last day of work, a retirement allowance of two weeks' salary for each year of service, plus a prorated amount for any additional partial year of service, to a maximum ceiling of 26 weeks' salary, and, in addition, full-time employees shall receive a single lump-sum payment equivalent to $1,000 for each year less than age 65 to a maximum of $5,000 upon retirement."

  • Expense Allowance Out of the proceeds of each Closing, the Company also agrees to pay Xxxxxxxxxx (a) a management fee equal to 1.0% of the gross proceeds raised in each Offering; (b) $35,000 for non-accountable expenses (to be increased to $50,000 in case of a public Offering); (c) up to $50,000 for fees and expenses of legal counsel and other out-of-pocket expenses (to be increased to $100,000 in case of a public Offering); plus the additional amount payable by the Company pursuant to Paragraph D.3 hereunder and, if applicable, the costs associated with the use of a third-party electronic road show service (such as NetRoadshow); provided, however, that such amount in no way limits or impairs the indemnification and contribution provisions of this Agreement.