Market Rules Sample Clauses

Market Rules. 17.1 All transactions in Investments shall be subject to the rules and customs of the exchange or market and/or any clearing house through which the transactions are executed (if any), so far as they are applicable, and to any applicable law, rules or regulations. If there is any conflict between this Agreement and any such rules, customs or applicable law, the latter shall prevail.
Market Rules. The rules describing how the New England Markets are administered.
Market Rules. The Stallholder must comply with the following Rules for the Markets:
Market Rules. As Mainland China is the home market of China Connect Securities, the SSE Rules and other Mainland China securities laws and regulations shall apply to you. If such rules and regulations are breached, SSE has the power to carry out an investigation. Nevertheless, certain Hong Kong legal and regulatory requirements will also continue to apply to Northbound trading. Trading and Settlement Restrictions 2 Pre-Trade Checking SEHK is required to check that, in respect of any Northbound sell orders given by an Exchange Participant, the relevant Exchange Participant holds sufficient available China Connect Securities to be able to fill such Northbound sell orders by the commencement of trading on the trading day I wish to execute. Otherwise, you may be unable to execute Northbound sell orders due to Pre-Trade Checking related requirements. You shall bear any risk, loss, cost or expenses resulting from noncompliance or potential non-compliance with Pre-Trade Checking and/or the relevant China Connect Laws or China Connect Rules and/or the above actions taken by the Bank.
Market Rules. All transactions (“transactions”) under this Agreement must be conducted in accordance with the constitution, Market Rules, customs and usages of the Market Operator, the ACH Clear Operating Rules, the ASIC Market Integrity Rules and the Corporations Xxx 0000 (Cth) and any other applicable laws and regulations of Australian government and regulatory bodies as amended from time to time.
Market Rules. The interpretation of this Agreement will be broad and purposive, with the objective of avoiding findings of inconsistency between this Agreement and the Market Rules, to the extent reasonably possible. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency with the Market Rules and the terms of this Agreement, the Market Rules will take precedence and govern to the extent of such conflict or inconsistency.
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Market Rules. Setup begins at 7:00 a.m. No sales of items will be allowed before 8:00 a.m. At 8:00 a.m. the bell will ring and sales can begin. The sales area will be located on the east side of the parking lot. Merchants should park on the west side of the parking lot (west of the center island) unless selling out of the back of a vehicle or trailer. Vehicles other than those used by merchants to sell items will not be allowed in the sales area. Merchants using full stalls must bring enough items to last through the entire sale day (8:00 a.m. until noon). Small vendors using 3’x3’ areas on tables may leave when they sell out of items. Small vendors will be located on the ends of rows in order to allow for easy take‐down of sales areas. All merchants are responsible for bringing their own table, chairs, tents, etc. Tents must be weighted (no driving stakes into the ground). Each merchant is required to clean up after themselves at the end of the sale or when ready to pack up and leave. Please wash all vegetables and fruits prior to bringing them to the Market. All non‐food items sold at the Farmers’ Market must be homemade and/or handcrafted. Each merchant selling non‐food items is responsible for obtaining their own Tax ID Number and for paying sales tax to the State of Wyoming. Please refer to the information under Tax ID Number above. Resale produce is permitted; however, a food license is required by the Wyoming Department of Agriculture to sell any agricultural product bought from another source. Resellers of produce must display a sign clearly indicating that they are not the grower of the produce. All prepared food products must meet applicable requirements. Please see the attached Wyoming Guidelines for Farmers’ Markets and Wyoming Cottage Food Business Requirements for specific information on the types of allowed foods and licensing and preparation requirements. Merchants are responsible for obtaining all necessary food licenses and meeting applicable labeling requirements prior to selling their food items. EGGS MUST BE KEPT ON ICE. NO EXCEPTIONS! All seeds and plants sold at the Farmers’ Market must comply with Wyoming Seed Laws, Rules, & Regulations, and Wyoming Nursery Stock Laws, Rules, & Regulations, respectively. A seed dealer’s or nursery stock dealer’s license may be required. For more information, contact the Wyoming Department of Agriculture at 307‐777‐7324. No smoking will be allowed in the Market. No pets will be allowed in the Market except for pat...
Market Rules. The Parties agree that until the launch of the aFRR Energy Activation Market, all procured Balancing Capacity will be activated on a pro-rata basis. Following the introduction of the aFRR Energy Activation Market as described in §6.2, providers of Balancing resources that are procured in the aFRR Capacity Market are obliged to bid into the aFRR Energy Activation Market. □ Appendix 2 sets out the details of the Market Rules, including frequency of procurement, bidding format, gate closure, and availability requirements.
Market Rules. The market rules include frequency of procurement, bidding format, gate closure, settlement and availability requirements. □ Appendix 3 contains the market rules for the aFRR Energy Activation Market.
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