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Agricultural product means any product of plant cultivation or animal husbandry including, but not limited to: A product of horticulture, grain cultivation, vermiculture, viticulture, or "aquaculture" as defined in RCW 15.85.020; plantation Christmas trees; turf; or any animal including but not limited to an animal that is a "private sector cultured aquatic product" as defined in RCW 15.85.020, or a bird, or insect, or the substances obtained from such an animal. "Agricultural product" does not include animals intended to be pets.
Agricultural product means any agricultural commodity or product, whether raw or processed, including any commodity or product derived from livestock that is marketed for human or livestock use or consumption.
Agricultural product means any product of agricultural activity suitable for storage in quantity, including refined or unrefined sugar and canned agricultural products and shall also mean any product intended for consumption in the production of other agricultural products, such as stock salt, binding twine, bran, cracked corn, soybean meal, commercial feeds, and cottonseed meal.

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Agricultural product Prices, Cornell University Press).Table 6 shows that compared to their annual averages between 2000 and 2010, trade deficits accelerated for all aggregates: faster for sugar (246%), cereals (191%), and dairy products and eggs (142%), while slower but at sustained pace for meat (44%), and fruits and vegetables (93%).

For 1994 the preferences are designed using Council Regulation 3833/90, which concerns Agricultural product, 3832/90, which concern textile products, 3831/90, which concerns In- dustrial Products and the set of Council Regulations which lead to subsequent modifications.

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Agricultural product means the products listed in Annex I to the Treaty, except fishery and aquaculture products listed in Annex I to Regulation (EU) No 1379/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 December 2013;
Agricultural product means a farm product as defined in section 2 of the Michigan right to farm act, 1981 PA 93, MCL 286.472.
Agricultural product means any raw agricultural commodity, as defined in 6 V.S.A. § 21(6), that is principally produced on the farm and includes products prepared from the raw agricultural commodities principally produced on the farm.
Agricultural product means an agricultural commodity or an agricultural processed product.
Agricultural product means any product of plant cultivation
Agricultural product means anything produced in the course of carrying on agriculture, and
Agricultural product means a product produced by a producer operating within any agricultural sector (including, where relevant, a live animal or plant);