Clean Up Sample Clauses

Clean Up. Debris shall be regularly removed from the Site. The Site shall be free of any and all debris at all times when the Work is not actually being performed. Upon completion of the Work, all debris and containers shall be removed and the Site left clean.
Clean Up. Debris shall be removed from the Site. The Site shall be in order at all times when work is not actually being performed and shall be maintained in a reasonably clean condition.
Clean Up. Contractor shall, to Owner’s reasonable satisfaction, at all reasonable times keep the Site free from all waste materials or rubbish caused by the activities of Contractor or any of its Subcontractors or Sub-subcontractors. As soon as practicable after the completion of all Punchlist items, Contractor shall remove, at its own cost, all of its Construction Equipment and remove from the Site all waste material and rubbish that was generated or brought on to the Site by Contractor or any of its Subcontractors or Sub-subcontractors. The Site shall be restored to the extent, if any, required by Attachment A. In the event of Contractor’s failure to comply with any of the foregoing, Owner may accomplish the same; provided, however, that Contractor shall be responsible for all reasonable costs associated with such removal and/or restoration, including costs associated with permitting and transportation.
Clean Up. If Contractor, its agents, employees, or subcontractors perform onsite Services, Contractor, at its cost, will remove all excess materials, equipment, packaging, and garbage within the scope of its performance of Services and leave that portion of the premises in which the work was performed in a clean condition. Should Contractor fail to clean up a Site after completion of work, Purchaser will have the right to remove the materials and set off the cost of clean up against amounts owed to Contractor.
Clean Up. If a Contamination occurs, Lessee promptly shall cause the Clean-Up and the removal of any Hazardous Substance and in any such case such Clean-Up and removal of the Hazardous Substance shall be effected in strict compliance with and in accordance with the provisions of the applicable Environmental Laws;
Clean Up. Employees shall be allowed a minimum of five (5) minutes personal clean-up time each shift, such time to precede the end of the shift.
Clean Up. During collection operations, Contractor shall clean-up litter in the immediate vicinity of any container storage area (Including the areas where containers are delivered for collection) if Contractor’s actions are the cause of the litter. Each collection vehicle shall be equipped with protective gloves, a broom, and shovel at all times for cleaning up litter. Absorbent material shall be carried on each collection vehicle at all times and used by Contractor for cleaning up liquid spills. Contractor shall document and discuss instances of repeated spillage not caused by it with the customer where spillage occurs, and Contractor shall report such instances to County. If Contractor has attempted to have a customer stop creating spillage but is unsuccessful, County will attempt to rectify such situation with the customer.
Clean Up. The Subcontractor shall on a daily basis or less frequently, in the sole discretion of Contractor, and at the Subcontractor’s own cost and expense, (1) keep the Premises upon which it is working free at all times from all waste materials, packing materials and other rubbish accumulated in connection with the execution of the Work by collecting and depositing daily said material and rubbish into dumpsters, (2) clean and remove from its own Work and from all contiguous work of others any soiling, staining, mortar, plaster, concrete or dirt caused by the execution of the Work and make good all defects resulting there from, (3) at the completion of its Work in each area, perform such cleaning as may be required to leave the areabroom clean” and (4) upon the completion of the Work, remove all of its tools, equipment, scaffolds, shanties, trailers and surplus materials. Should the Subcontractor fail to perform any of the forgoing to Contractor’s satisfaction, Contractor shall have the right after notice (written or oral) to perform and complete such work itself or through others and deduct the cost thereof from the payments due the Subcontractor. Subcontractor shall at all times keep the premises upon which it is working free from accumulation of water, waste material or rubbish and upon completion shall thoroughly clean the premises where it worked under this Agreement.