Management Rights Clause Sample Clauses

MANAGEMENT RIGHTS CLAUSE. The Union expressly recognizes that the Company has the exclusive responsibility for and authority over (whether or not the same was exercised heretofore) the management, operation and maintenance of its facilities and, in furtherance thereof, has, subject to the terms of this Agreement, the right to determine policy affecting the selection, hiring, and training of employees; to direct the work force and to schedule work; to institute and enforce reasonable rules of conduct; to assure discipline and efficient operations; to determine what work is to be done, what is to be produced and by what means; to determine the quality and quantity of workmanship; to determine the size and composition of the work force; to determine the allocation and assignment of work to employees; to determine the location of the business, including the establishment of new locations or departments, divisions, or subdivisions thereof; to arrange for work to be done by other companies or other divisions of the Company; to alter, combine, or eliminate any job, operation, service, or department; to sell, merge or discontinue the business or any phase thereof; provided, however, in the exercise of these prerogatives, none of the specific provisions of the Agreement shall be abridged. The Company will not use the vehicle of subcontracting for the sole purpose of laying off employees or reducing the number of hours available to them.