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The Federation. The Federation shall have the exclusive right to process all grievances on behalf of grievants. If the Federation refuses to carry a grievance and the grievant chooses to proceed as outlined in 5- 2-2, the Federation shall be informed of all grievance hearings, shall be permitted to attend such hearings, and shall receive from the School Board or its representative, any correspondence between the parties. In the event a teacher uses a representative other than the Federation, the grievant or the grievant's representative shall bear all costs normally borne by the exclusive representative.
The Federation. IS NOT A MILITARY ENTITY ---------------------------------------
The Federation 

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Community Engagement The HSP will engage the community of diverse persons and entities in the area where it provides health services when setting priorities for the delivery of health services and when developing plans for submission to the LHIN including but not limited to CAPS and integration proposals. As part of its community engagement activities, the HSPs will have in place and utilize effective mechanisms for engaging families, caregivers, clients, residents, patients and other individuals who use the services of the HSP, to help inform the HSP plans, including the HSP’s contribution to the establishment and implementation by the LHIN of geographic sub-regions in its local health system.
citizens abroad 2. Unless the circumstances described in the parenthetical in paragraph 1 above are applicable, either (a) at the time the buy order was originated, the buyer was outside the United States or we and any person acting on our behalf reasonably believed that the buyer was outside the United States or (b) the transaction was executed in, on or through the facilities of a designated offshore securities market, and neither we nor any person acting on our behalf knows that the transaction was pre-arranged with a buyer in the United States.
Company Counsel Matters i. On the Closing Date, the Placement Agent shall have received the favorable opinion of Haynes and Boone, LLP, outside counsel for the Company counsel to the Company, dated the Closing Date and addressed to the Placement Agent, substantially in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Placement Agent.
The Bank Merger Immediately following the Effective Time, the Bank shall be merged with and into UNB (the "Bank Merger") in accordance with the provisions of the National Bank Act and the New Jersey Banking Act of 1948, as amended, and UNB shall be the surviving bank (the "Surviving Bank"). Upon the consummation of the Bank Merger, the separate existence of the Bank shall cease and the Surviving Bank shall be considered the same business and corporate entity as each of the Bank and UNB and all of the property, rights, powers and franchises of each of the Bank and UNB shall vest in the Surviving Bank and the Surviving Bank shall be deemed to have assumed all of the debts, liabilities, obligations and duties of each of the Bank and UNB and shall have succeeded to all of each of their relationships, fiduciary or otherwise, as fully and to the same extent as if such property, rights, privileges, powers, franchises, debts, obligations, duties and relationships had been originally acquired, incurred or entered into by the Surviving Bank. Upon the consummation of the Bank Merger, the articles of association and bylaws of UNB shall become the articles of association and bylaws of the Surviving Bank, the officers and employees of UNB and the officers and employees of the Bank shall be the officers and employees of the Surviving Bank with such additions as the Board of Directors of UNB shall determine, and the directors of UNB shall be the directors of the Surviving Bank with the additions from the directors of Raritan as specified herein. In connection with the execution of this Agreement, the Bank and UNB shall execute and deliver a separate merger agreement (the "Bank Merger Agreement") in substantially the form of Exhibit A, annexed hereto, for delivery to the appropriate regulatory authorities for approval of the Bank Merger.
Transition Planning Bernard J. Ebbers, as Chief Executive Officer of WorldCom, and Gerald H. Taylor, as Chief Executive Officer of MCI, jointly shall be responsible for coordinating all aspects of transition planning and implementation relating to the Merger and the other transactions contemplated hereby. If either such person ceases to be Chief Executive Officer of his company for any reason, such person's successor shall assume his predecessor's responsibilities under this Section 4.4. During the period between the date of this Agreement and the Effective Time, Messrs. Ebbers and Taylor jointly shall (i) examine various alternatives regarding the manner in which to best organize and manage the businesses of WorldCom and MCI after the Effective Time and (ii) coordinate policies and strategies with respect to regulatory authorities and bodies, in all cases subject to applicable law and regulation.
Traditional Medicine Cooperation 1. The aims of Traditional Medicine cooperation will be: (a) to build on existing agreements or arrangements already in place for Traditional Medicine cooperation; and (b) to promote information exchanges on Traditional Medicine between the Parties. 2. In pursuit of the objectives in Article 149 (Objectives), the Parties will encourage and facilitate, as appropriate, the following activities, including, but not limited to: (a) encouraging dialogue on Traditional Medicine policies and promotion of respective Traditional Medicine; (b) raising awareness of active effects of Traditional Medicine; (c) encouraging exchange of experience in conservation and restoration of Traditional Medicine; (d) encouraging exchange of experience on management, research and development for Traditional Medicine; (e) encouraging cooperation in the Traditional Medicine education field, mainly through training programs and means of communication; (f) having a consultation mechanism between the Parties' Traditional Medicine authorities; (g) encouraging cooperation in Traditional Medicine therapeutic services and products manufacturing; and (h) encouraging cooperation in research in the fields of Traditional Medicine in order to contribute in efficacy and safety assessments of natural resources and products used in health care.
Normal Commercial Relations Anything contained in this Trust Indenture to the contrary notwithstanding. Owner and Mortgagee may conduct any banking or other financial transactions, and have banking or other commercial relationships, with Owner, fully to the same extent as if this Trust Indenture were not in effect, including without limitation the making of loans or other extensions of credit to Owner for any purpose whatsoever, whether related to any of the transactions contemplated hereby or otherwise.
Organization, etc Each of the Obligors and each of the respective Subsidiaries is a company or corporation, as the case may be, validly organized and existing and in good standing under the laws of the jurisdiction of its incorporation or organization, is duly qualified to do business and is in good standing as a foreign corporation in each jurisdiction where the nature of its business requires such qualification and where the failure to so qualify and to maintain such good standing, singularly or in the aggregate, has resulted in, or would reasonably be expected to result in, a Material Adverse Effect, and has full power and authority and holds all requisite governmental licenses, permits, authorizations and other approvals to enter into and perform its Obligations under this Agreement and each other Loan Document to which it is a party and to own and hold under lease its property and to conduct its business substantially as currently conducted by it, excluding any such governmental licenses, permits or other approvals in respect of which the failure to so obtain, hold or maintain has not caused, and would not reasonably be expected to result in, a Material Adverse Effect.
Bargaining Unit Information The Employer agrees to provide the Union such information relating to Employees in the bargaining unit as may be required by the Union for the purpose of collective bargaining.