Exclusive Authority Sample Clauses

Exclusive Authority. Notwithstanding anything else to the ------------------- contrary contained herein, Group shall have the sole responsibility and authority for all aspects of the practice of dentistry and delivery of dental services by Providers. Providers shall use and occupy at the practice sites ("Practice Sites") the facilities provided by Manager hereunder exclusively for -------------- the practice of dentistry ("Practice Site Facilities"). Group expressly ------------------------ acknowledges that the Practice or Practices conducted at these Practice Site Facilities shall be conducted solely by dentists and dental hygienists associated with Group as Employee Providers or Subcontract Providers. Group shall consult with Manager or the Joint Operations Committee to the extent reasonable and not inconsistent with the laws governing the practice of dentistry.
Exclusive Authority. The General Partner is exclusively authorized and directed to manage and control the assets and business of the Partnership. The General Partner is hereby granted the right, power and authority to do on behalf of the Partnership all lawful things that, in such General Partner’s judgment, are necessary, proper or desirable to carry out the business of the Partnership, including, but not limited to, the right, power and authority: (a) to incur all expenditures; (b) to employ and dismiss from employment any and all employees, agents, independent contractors, brokers, attorneys and accountants; (c) to acquire, hold, lease, sell or otherwise deal with all or any portion of any Partnership property for any Partnership purpose; (d) to arbitrate, settle or defend any claim by, against or involving the Partnership; (e) to borrow money on behalf of the Partnership and use as security therefor all or any part of any Partnership property; (f) to vote shares held by the Partnership; (g) to procure and maintain insurance; (h) to do any and all of the foregoing at such price or amount and upon such terms as the General Partner deems proper; and (i) to execute, acknowledge, swear to and deliver any and all instruments to effectuate any and all of the foregoing. Any and all lawful acts heretofore taken by the General Partner that are permitted under this Section 6.1 are hereby ratified and confirmed by the Partners as the acts and deeds of the Partnership.
Exclusive Authority. The Managing Party shall have the exclusive right and authority to negotiate, execute and administer any and all Option Agreements and License Agreements for the Joint Invention; all of which Option and License Agreements shall be for the mutual benefit of the Parties; and such Option and License Agreements upon execution by the Managing Party shall be binding on the co‑ownership interests of the Parties in the Joint Invention; and the Other Parties shall not be entitled to enter into any Option or License Agreement for the Joint Invention with respect to the Other Parties’ interest in the Joint Invention.
Exclusive Authority. The only court that shall be competent to hear matters connected to the Deed of Trust and its appendixes shall be the competent court in Tel Aviv – Jaffa.
Exclusive Authority. The General Partner, in its capacity as general partner, shall have all rights, powers and authority possessed by general partners under the Act and all other laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Without limiting the foregoing, the General Partner shall have the right, power and authority, acting for and on behalf of the Partnership, inter alia, to take all actions and execute and deliver all agreements on behalf of the Partnership in connection with the business of the Partnership, including, without limitation, the authority to cause the Partnership to sell, exchange, lease, pledge, mortgage, or otherwise deal with all or any of its assets or to merge or consolidate with or into any other entity (regardless of whether the Partnership is the surviving entity), as determined by the General Partner in its sole and absolute discretion and without the vote or consent of any Limited Partner. The General Partner also shall have the right, power and authority to execute and deliver on behalf of the Partnership any contract, agreement or other instrument or document required or otherwise appropriate to acquire, sell, operate or encumber the Partnership’s properties.
Exclusive Authority. Without limiting the authority of the Liquidating Trust or the Liquidating Trustee set forth in this Liquidating Trust Agreement, the Plan or the Confirmation Order, the Liquidating Trust shall be deemed to be a party in interest, and shall have the exclusive right, power, and interest to pursue, settle, defend, or abandon, as the case may be, all Retained Causes of Action of the Liquidating Debtors or Causes of Action against the Liquidating Debtors, as the sole representative of the Liquidating Debtors’ Estates pursuant to Section 1123(b)(3) of the Bankruptcy Code.
Exclusive Authority. The Seller Representative shall be the only party entitled to assert the rights of Sellers with respect to any matter contemplated in this Agreement and any other Transaction Document. A decision, act, consent or instruction from the Seller Representative hereunder shall constitute a decision, act, consent or instruction of all Sellers and shall be final, binding and conclusive upon each Seller, and Buyers may rely upon any such decision, act, consent or instruction the Seller Representative as being the decision, act, consent or instruction of each and every Seller. Buyers shall be relieved from any liability to any Person for any acts done by them in accordance with, pursuant to or in reliance on any such decision, act, consent or instruction of the Seller Representative.
Exclusive Authority. The General Partner shall have exclusive authority to administer, manage conduct, control and operate the business and affairs of the Partnership, to make all decisions regarding the Business and to bind the Partnership. No Limited Partner in its capacity as such shall:
Exclusive Authority. The City agrees departmental policies and rules and regulations shall not violate any provisions of this Agreement. Any alleged violation of this Section may be appealed through the Grievance Procedure.
Exclusive Authority. Except as expressly set forth in this Agreement (including Section 8.4), no Member other than the Managing Member shall participate in the management or control of the Company’s business nor shall it transact any business for the Company, nor shall it have the power to act for or bind the Company, said powers being vested solely and exclusively in the Managing Member, subject to terms and conditions of this Agreement.