Change Management Sample Clauses

Change Management. BellSouth provides a collaborative process for change management of the electronic interfaces through the Change Control Process (CCP). Guidelines for this process are set forth in the CCP document as amended from time to time during this Agreement. The CCP document may be accessed via the Internet at xxxx://
Change Management. BellSouth and OneTone agree that the collaborative change management process known as the Change Control Process (CCP) will be used to manage changes to existing interfaces, introduction of new interfaces and retirement of interfaces. BellSouth and OneTone agree to comply with the provisions of the documented CCP as may be amended from time to time and incorporated herein by reference. The change management process will cover changes to BellSouth’s electronic interfaces, BellSouth’s testing environment, associated manual process improvements, and relevant documentation. The process will define a procedure for resolution of change management disputes. Documentation of the CCP as well as related information and processes will be clearly organized and readily accessible to OneTone at BellSouth’s Interconnection Web site.
Change Management. CPS must be notified of all post go-live changes to the Products, which include changes to functionality, the introduction of additional applications, major upgrades, and any expansion or reduction of data elements. Change notifications must be sent to an email address determined by CPS, and the notifications should be provided ( 1-week minimum) before any change takes effect.
Change Management. The Supplier acknowledges to the Authority that the requirements for the Services may change during the Term and the Supplier shall not unreasonably withhold or delay its consent to any reasonable variation or addition to the Specification and Tender Response Document, as may be requested by the Authority from time to time. Subject to Clause 31.3 of this Schedule 2, any change to the Services or other variation to this Framework Agreement shall only be binding once it has been agreed in writing and signed by an authorised representative of both Parties. Any change to the Data Protection Protocol shall be made in accordance with the relevant provisions of that protocol.
Change Management. CPS must be notified of all post go-live changes to the Products and Services, which include changes to functionality, the introduction of additional applications, and major platform upgrades. CPS must also be notified of all planned changes, expansion, or reduction to data elements or data management procedures and shall not make such changes without the prior written consent of the Board which shall not be unreasonably withheld. Change notifications shall be sent to a designated CPS email address and must primarily list the change description and the planned date of change. All notifications should be provided at a minimum one (1) week before any change takes effect. For changes that require adjustments to the CPS environment or involve any system integrations, Provider shall require written approval from CPS prior to any go-live changes and shall not make any changes without the prior written approval of CPS.
Change Management. CenturyLink agrees to maintain a change management process, known as (CMP), that is consistent with or exceeds industry guidelines, standards and practices to address CenturyLink's OSS, products and processes. The CMP shall include, but not be limited to, utilization of the following: (i) a forum for CLEC and CenturyLink to discuss CLEC and CenturyLink change requests (CR), CMP notifications, systems release life cycles, and communications; (ii) provide a forum for CLECs and CenturyLink to discuss and prioritize CRs, where applicable pursuant to the CMP Document; (iii) a mechanism to track and monitor CRs and CMP notifications; (iv) established intervals where appropriate in the process; (v) processes by which CLEC impacts that result from changes to CenturyLink's OSS, products or processes can be promptly and effectively resolved; (vi) processes that are effective in maintaining the shortest timeline practicable for the receipt, development and implementation of all CRs; (vii) sufficient dedicated CenturyLink processes to address and resolve in a timely manner CRs and other issues that come before the CMP body; (viii) processes for OSS Interface testing; (ix) information that is clearly organized and readily accessible to CLECs, including the availability of web-based tools; (x) documentation provided by CenturyLink that is effective in enabling CLECs to build an electronic gateway; and (xi) a process for changing CMP that calls for collaboration among CLECs and CenturyLink and requires agreement by the CMP participants. Pursuant to the scope and procedures set forth in the CMP Document, CenturyLink will submit to CLECs through the CMP, among other things, modifications to existing products and technical documentation available to CLECs, introduction of new products available to CLECs, discontinuance of products available to CLECs, modifications to pre- ordering, ordering/provisioning, maintenance/repair or billing processes, introduction of pre- ordering, ordering/provisioning, maintenance/repair or billing processes, discontinuance of pre- ordering, ordering/provisioning, maintenance/repair or billing processes, modifications to existing OSS interfaces, introduction of new OSS interfaces, and retirement of existing OSS interfaces. CenturyLink will maintain as part of CMP an escalation process so that CMP issues can be escalated to a CenturyLink representative authorized to make a final decision and a process for the timely resolution of disputes. The go...