Management Decisions Sample Clauses

Management Decisions. Consistent with this Agreement, LEA shall have full and exclusive authority and responsibility for classifying employment positions within their LEA. The managerial prerogatives of any participating LEA member shall not be infringed upon by any other participating LEA member except upon mutual consent of an affected LEA member(s), or unless as otherwise set forth. LEA shall not undertake to independently act on behalf of the SELPA or any of its members without express written authorization of the SELPA.
Management Decisions. The affirmative vote of all the Representatives shall be required for decisions of the Management Committee with respect to the approval of amendments to the Development Budget and to the Development Program, approval of Cash Calls in respect of Shortfall Amounts, and with respect to the terms and condition of the Shareholders Agreement and any material Project Document or Financing Agreement. If the affirmative vote of all the Representatives cannot be obtained by the Management Committee with respect to any issue stated above, then the issue shall be referred within 7 days for resolution to a meeting comprised of one senior executive management representative from each of the Parties, each such representative to have all requisite authority to resolve the issue. All other decisions in respect of the Project shall require the affirmative vote of the Representatives who represent more than 50% of the Participation Interests. The Representatives of each Party shall cast one vote which shall be accorded the percentage weight equal to that Party’s Participation Interest in the Project.
Management Decisions. Any Employer decision to possibly contract out work presently being performed by bargaining unit employees will be made in accordance with OMB Circular A-76, applicable rules and regulations, and in keeping with those will ensure the Union is represented in any “Most Efficient Organization” (“MEO”) team established as the MEO competes with private enterprises to perform the duties described in the Statement of Work.
Management Decisions. Taking into account work-related needs, supervisors have the unreviewable discretion to make all telework decisions, such as, but not limited to:
Management Decisions. (a) Subject to, and without limiting, the delegation of authority to SSCI under the Management Agreement, all decisions pertaining to the business, affairs and operations of the Company must be approved by each Member.
Management Decisions and the Role of Board of Directors. The rights and obligations of SCPPA under the Project Agreements shall be subject to the ultimate control at all times of the Board of Directors. Project Participants shall be entitled to participate in the decisions of the Board of Directors with respect to SCPPA’s rights and interests in the Facility and the Project as provided in Section 6.1 herein. SCPPA through the Board of Directors shall have, in addition to the duties and responsibilities set forth elsewhere in this Agreement, the following duties and responsibilities, among others:
Management Decisions. With respect to the management, conduct and operation of the Partnership business, and subject to the exceptions set forth in subparagraph 9.4 (Decisions of Both General Partners) and, as applicable, subparagraph 9.5 (Asset Manager), the decisions of the Managing General Partner shall prevail.
Management Decisions. 5.1 The Shareholders shall exercise their powers in relation to the Company to procure that the Company shall not, save with the prior approval of all Directors: