Property Management Company definition

Property Management Company means the developer, association, leasing company, rental company, travel club, exchange company, Hotel or condominium operator, who has the responsibility for or coordinates the maintenance, repairs, reservations and/or general operation of the accommodations used for the Insured’s Trip.
Property Management Company means a non-profit making, non-trading company whose sole purpose is to receive regular payments from occupants of a residential property which are used by that company solely for its administration and management, repair and maintenance of the common parts of that property;
Property Management Company means the Owner's agent for renting the Property, if any.

Examples of Property Management Company in a sentence

  • In addition, employees of the Owner, Developer and/or Property Management Company shall not submit applications for the CAFs until the CAFs have been openly marketed for a minimum of four (4) weeks.

  • Whether the Property Management Company has unresolved compliance issues at two (2) or more properties within the period beginning two (2) years before the date of the deadline for submittal of the Application.

  • Development Team – Any individual or member of the development team including Governors/Directors, Members, and Managers/Officers of the Ownership Entity; Officers, Directors, and Stockholders of the Development Entity; and Officers, Directors, and Stockholders of the Property Management Company.

  • A resume demonstrating that the Property Management Company possesses the experience and capacity to manage the Project as required by I.R.C. § 42, the requirements of other applicable federal and state programs, and this Plan.

  • If there is a Property Management Company or other agent of the Owner managing the Short Term Rental, the agent or an authorized officer of the Property Management Company, or both, shall also sign the application certifying the accuracy of the information submitted and agreeing to comply with all regulations.

More Definitions of Property Management Company

Property Management Company means developer, association leasing company, rental company, exchange company, or hotel or condominium operator, who has the financial responsibility for maintenance repairs, reservations, and/or operation of the unit used for Your Trip.
Property Management Company means a company that is
Property Management Company means the property management company who applies for coverage under the Policy and remits the required premium to the Company.
Property Management Company means a company that is operating in compliance with state real estate licensing rules and is under contract with a property owner to manage the buildings.
Property Management Company means the Property Management Company who remits the required premium to Us.
Property Management Company means a local property manager, property maintenance company or similar entity responsible for the maintenance of the abandoned real property.
Property Management Company means and refer to the agent, agents or company that is responsible for handling the day-to-day administrative and financial duties of the Community Association at the direction of the Board of Directors.