Detailed Plan definition

Detailed Plan means a plan developed by a Licensed Professional in the State of Delaware which does not meet standard plan criteria.
Detailed Plan means the plan dated July 2012 that includes elements described in Section 7.2.2.
Detailed Plan means a local physical development plan that operationalises the provisions of a structure plan;

Examples of Detailed Plan in a sentence

  • Detailed Plan of Facility Management including work procedures, Standards, Schedules and number of workforce.

  • State on the back cover of the Detailed Plan Disclosure the name of the scholarship plan(s) offered under the prospectus, and the name, address and telephone number of the investment fund manager of the scholarship plan(s).

  • The review fee and a completed Application for a Detailed Plan are due at the time of plan submittal to our office.

  • Concurrently with the joint application for license transfer, the DRE will file an application with FERC to surrender the FERC license for the Facilities for the purpose of Facilities Removal, which will include a copy of this Settlement and the Detailed Plan.

  • For a summary of the educational programs that qualify for EAPs under our plan[s], see “Summary of eligible studies” in this Detailed Plan Disclosure.

More Definitions of Detailed Plan

Detailed Plan means the plan prepared to inform the Secretarial Determination under Section 3.3.1 and including the elements described in Section 3.3.2.
Detailed Plan means the plan dated July 2012 that includes elements described in Section 7.2.2 of the KHSA.
Detailed Plan as used in this R/R means a plan that details population density, infrastructure densification, and land-use standards of a planned development site within the town or city territory.
Detailed Plan means a land use plan approved by the Authority for a specified existing or new community or a major area thereof, which may include land use standards or other provisions relating to:
Detailed Plan means the exact arrangement made for each development and construction within the scope of the right to the use of the land, and the proposal for the use of the land after development, which are formulated in accordance with the Masterplan and approved by the government of China.
Detailed Plan means a document of local-level complex territorial planning of an urbanised territory or a territory under urbanisation which establishes regulations on the use of the territory.
Detailed Plan of Lin Kong Zone