Nodal Agency definition

Nodal Agency means the Madhya Pradesh Urja Vikas Nigam Limited, (MPUVNL) Bhopal;
Nodal Agency means the nodal agency defined in regulation 8 of these regulations;
Nodal Agency means the Jammu & Kashmir State Power Development Corporation Limited, a Government of Jammu & Kashmir undertaking, incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 and having its registered office at Srinagar, Kashmir, on behalf of the Government of the J&K State shall conduct the bidding process, award Hydro Electric Projects, carry out necessary documentation, sign agreements, monitor during construction and operation, take over the Project from the Seller and take all other necessary steps as required under the Policy on behalf of the Procurer;

Examples of Nodal Agency in a sentence

However, Nodal Agency reserves the right to seek additional information/clarifications from the Bidders, if found necessary, during the course of evaluation / processing of the Bid(s).

The initial validity of Bid Security Declaration shall be for a period of One hundred and eighty (180) Days from the Bid Deadline, which shall be extended by the Bidder within seven (7) Days from the instruction issued by the Nodal Agency during the Bid Validity Period.

They have a relationship with each other, directly or through common third parties, that puts them in position to have access to information about or influence on the Bid of another Bidder or influence the decisions of Nodal Agency regarding this bidding process.

The Nodal Agency, Successful Bidder and the Procurer shall ensure that the PPA is signed within forty-five (45) Days of acceptance ofLICA on the basis of Project Capacity as indicated in the Data Room.

This RFP may be withdrawn or cancelled by the Nodal Agency at any time without assigning any reasons thereof.

More Definitions of Nodal Agency

Nodal Agency means the nodal agency specified in section 11;
Nodal Agency means the nodal agency defined in Regulation 12 of these regulations;
Nodal Agency means Haryana Renewable Energy Development Agency (HAREDA) or any other agency designated by Government of Haryana for promotion of electricity generation from renewable energy sources.
Nodal Agency means the nodal agency defined in Regulation 5 of these regulations;