Substitute Teacher Sample Clauses

Substitute Teacher. Every reasonable effort shall be made to acquire or recruit substitutes for absent teachers. Except where the Superintendent and/or Principal deem it an emergency, a regularly employed teacher will not be required to cover for an absent teacher. If an administrator assigns a member to use their conference period to cover for an absent teacher, the teacher shall be paid fifteen dollars ($15.00)
Substitute Teacher. (a) The following provisions in this Agreement do not apply to Substitute Teachers: Probationary Employees, Seniority, Layoff & Recall, Resignation, Hours of Work, Leaves of Absence, Vacation Leave, and Health and Welfare.
Substitute Teacher. Any instructional employee employed on a day-to-day basis. 1:6
Substitute Teacher. Person (certified or non-certified) without regular classroom assignments who is employed to cover classroom duties of certified personnel.
Substitute Teacher a person who is employed temporarily to teach for a teacher who is away from his or her regular teaching assignment.
Substitute Teacher. A long term substitute teacher is any teacher hired by the School District or its representative to replace a teacher who at the time of his or her absence is a teacher not within the other exclusions of this Article where the replacement employee is employed more than thirty (30) working days as a replacement for that teacher. Any substitute teacher who is licensed for the position for which he or she is substituting shall be paid at the daily substitute teaching rate.
Substitute Teacher. RECOMMENDATION: It is recommended that the persons listed be approved as substitute teachers effective 12/17/08-6/30/09 budget #11-120-100-1014-98-1270: Name Name Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx Hon
Substitute Teacher. Any Employee who has a properly registered certified teaching certificate and is asked by an administrator, or authorized secretary, to serve as a substitute teacher shall be paid substitute teacher pay of $100 per day, $50 per half day, or $12.50 per period (45 mins. at the Elem.) or their regular pay whichever is higher.
Substitute Teacher. In the event that a substitute teacher must be hired for a teacher negotiator, during mediation or arbitration, the cost of that substitute shall be paid by the OEA.
Substitute Teacher. Responsible for teaching the class during the absence of the teacher. Substitute will be provided with other specifics from the teacher. Must have a current first aid and CPR certification.