Scheduled Work Hours Sample Clauses

Scheduled Work Hours. 105 Salaries for full-time employees generally are based on a schedule of eighty (80) hours per payroll period. Part-time employees will be regularly scheduled for some lesser number of hours per payroll period, and will be subject to the same rules and deductions set forth in this Agreement as a percentage of their guaranteed bi- weekly salary.
Scheduled Work Hours. The scheduled work hours of part-time teachers shall be defined as assigned teaching and preparation time and, except in the cases of emergency, such teachers shall not be obligated to perform duty before or after their scheduled work hours.
Scheduled Work Hours. All scheduled work hours referred to under Article including those hours worked on a Sunday, which will be paid at the rate of time and one-half will be considered as Pensionable Earnings as referred to under Appendix Employee Contributions. Any hours worked in excess of twelve hours in a shift or on a paid holiday, as stated under Article will be considered as overtime and will be paid at the rate of time and one-half As overtime, these earnings are not considered as Pensionable Earnings, as referred to under Appendix Employee Contributions.
Scheduled Work Hours. Whenever an employee's scheduled straight time hours fall between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., the employee shall be paid, in addition to the employee's basic compensation, the amount of fifty-five cents ($.55) per hour for each hour of actual work performed during such 6:00 p.m. to 6:00
Scheduled Work Hours. Lunch to be eaten on the job November 1st through February 28th; additional pay of thirty (30) minutes at time and one-half (1-1/2). APPENDIX C SCHOOL CLASSES School Classes: CLASS XX XXXXX, XXXXXXXXX, XxXXXXXX, XXXXXX, XXXXXXX, XXXXXX, XXXXXXX, XXXXX, XXXXXX, XXXXXXX, CLEVELAND, XXXXXXXXX, XXXXX CLASS IV-A EMERSON-GRIDLEY, XXXXXX, XXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXX CLASS V-A ACADEMY, EAST, XXXXXX XXXXXXX CLASS VI-A ERIE The above listing shall not be construed as an agreement by the Board to continue to own and/or operate said schools. Effective July 1, 2008, class II and III schools are reclassified to class IV schools. Engineers in those buildings will have their wages adjusted accordingly. School class seniority will not be affected by this change. The School District of the City of Erie, Pennsylvania Xxxxx X. Xxxxxx, CPA Superintendent of Schools Board of School Directors Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx, Xx., President Xxxx X. Xxxxxxx, Vice-President Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx X. Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx Xxxxxx XxXxxx
Scheduled Work Hours. (a) The scheduled work hours are eight hours per day.

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  • Work Hours In accordance with Labor Code §1810, eight (8) hours of labor shall constitute a legal day's work under this Contract. Contractor and any Subcontractor shall pay workers overtime pay as required by Labor Code §1815. The Contractor shall pay each worker, laborer, mechanic or persons performing work under this Contract at a rate not less than the prevailing wage for each craft or classification covering the work actually performed.

  • Work Day and Work Week (a) Work Day The work day of an employee is the hours which she is scheduled to work in a given day.

  • Work Week and Work Day (a) (Applicable to full-time employees only) The normal or standard work week shall be an average of thirty-seven and one-half (37½) hours, with a normal or standard work day of seven and one-half (7½) hours except in those Hospitals where agreements already provide a standard or normal work week of less than thirty-seven and one-half (37½) hours per week and seven and one-half (7½) hours per day. (Those Hospitals with the lesser required hours shall reflect in the salary rates a pro-rata lesser amount compared with salaries for other Hospitals based on the ratio that the standard or normal hours of work at the Hospital concerned are to thirty-seven and one-half (37½) hours and shall appropriately reflect such hours in this Article). The length of time over which the hours of work per week are to be averaged shall be determined locally and shall be set out in the Local Provisions Appendix.

  • Standard Work Week The standard work week shall be thirty-five (35) hours and is composed of five (5) consecutive standard work days.

  • Modified Work Week Where employees in a unit have indicated a desire to work a modified work week, the Employer may authorize experiments with a modified work week schedule, providing operational requirements permit and the provision of services are not adversely affected. The averaging period for a modified work week shall not exceed three (3) calendar weeks, and the work day shall not exceed ten (10) hours.

  • Weekend Work (1) All ordinary hours of work performed between midnight on Friday and midnight on Sunday shall be paid for at the rate of time and one-half.

  • HOURS OF WORK AND WORK SCHEDULES 26.01 Shifts Assignments for Bargaining Unit 1 Shift assignments will be made by the facility administrator on the basis of seniority. Schedules for troopers assigned to field locations will be bid by seniority, most senior first, at each facility. Troopers will bid upon two reasonably equal three month periods that shall begin on the first day of the pay period that includes March 1st and September 1st of each year. After all troopers have bid, and prior to reviewing cost savings days and vacation requests submitted during the “window period,” the post commander shall review the schedule and determine if any changes are needed based upon operational considerations. Operational considerations shall include, but shall not be limited to: the balance of experience per work shift group and special training. A bid period is two (2) reasonably equal three (3) month periods. The post commander may, per bid period, change a schedule for one (1) three (3) month period for up to four (4) troopers based upon operational considerations. No individual trooper will have their schedule changed for operational considerations more than once per twelve (12) month bid cycle beginning with the first bid after ratification. The decision of the post commander to make a schedule change based upon operational considerations shall only be grievable to Step 2 with a review of the circumstances made by the Office of Field Operations. Dispatchers and Electronic Technicians will continue to bid on the basis of seniority only.

  • Day Work (a) The normal work week shall be thirty-seven and one-half (37½) hours and the normal work day shall be seven and one-half (7½) consecutive hours, exclusive of a meal period, between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. The normal work week shall be Monday to Friday inclusive.

  • Standard Workweek Except as noted below the standard workweek for full-time employees consists of five (5) consecutive eight (8) hour days, Monday through Friday each week. Non-overtime hours and starting and quitting times for such employees shall be the same throughout the standard workweek. The standard workweek does not apply to the following: