Heating and Air Conditioning Sample Clauses

Heating and Air Conditioning. Tenant shall not use any method of heating or air-conditioning, other than that supplied by Landlord, without Landlord’s prior written consent.
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Heating and Air Conditioning. To provide for heating and air-conditioning 24 hours per day and seven (7) days a week so that when heat is reasonably required for the reasonable use of the Leased Premises the Landlord will furnish heat therefor up to a reasonable temperature and when the heating system is not in use and the Landlord considers that air-conditioning is reasonably required it will operate the air-conditioning systems in the Building. The said heating and air-conditioning systems will be maintained by the Landlord during normal business hours except during the making of repairs and should the Landlord make default in so doing, it shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential damages for personal discomfort or illness due to such default. The Landlord reserves the right to stop the services of the heating and/or air-conditioning equipment when necessary by reason of any accident or any repairs, alterations or improvements which, in the judgment of the Landlord, are desirable or necessary to be made until such repairs, alterations or improvements shall have been completed. The Landlord shall have no further responsibility or liability for failure to supply the said heating and/or air-conditioning service when prevented from doing so, by strikes or by any cause beyond the Landlord's reasonable control or by orders or regulations by any body or authority having jurisdiction or by other reason of any failure of electrical current, steam or water or suitable power supply or inability upon the exercise of reasonable diligence to obtain such electrical current, steam or water for the operation of the heating or air-conditioning equipment.
Heating and Air Conditioning. Xxxxxx agrees to furnish to Lessee heating and air conditioning equipment and maintain same in satisfactory operating condition at all times for the Premises during the term of the Lease at the expense of Lessor. Xxxxxx agrees that thermostats in the Premises will be set to maintain an average zone temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit during the heating and cooling seasons.
Heating and Air Conditioning. 1. To avoid causing damage to HVAC system, Tenant(s) is required to keep the thermostat set at no less than 60ºF at all times (including periods Tenant(s) is absent from Premises). Tenant(s) will be held responsible for all expenses incurred, including repairs and/or services, in regards to non-compliance.
Heating and Air Conditioning. Landlord shall deliver the Premises to Tenant with a new properly functioning heating, ventilation and air-conditioning unit (the “Unit”) of sufficient capacity to service the Premises for the Permitted Use, which Unit shall be controlled by Tenant. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Tenant shall, at its own cost and expense, (i) cause to be performed all repairs and maintenance of the Unit, and (ii) commencing thirty (30) days following the Commencement Date, and thereafter throughout the Term of this Lease, maintain in force and provide a copy of same to Landlord an air conditioning service repair and full service maintenance contract covering the Unit in form reasonably satisfactory to Landlord with an air conditioning contractor or servicing organization reasonably approved by Landlord. All such contracts shall provide for the thorough servicing of the Unit at least once each year during the Term of this Lease. The contractor providing such service shall maintain a log at the Premises detailing the service provided during each visit pursuant to such contract. Tenant shall keep such log at the Premises and permit Landlord to review same promptly after Xxxxxxxx’s request. The Unit is and shall at all times remain the property of Landlord, and at the expiration or sooner termination of the Lease, Tenant shall surrender to Landlord the Unit in good working order and condition, subject to normal wear and tear and shall deliver to Landlord a copy of the service log. In the event that Xxxxxx fails to obtain the contract required herein or perform any of the maintenance or repairs required hereunder, Landlord shall have the right, but not the obligation, to procure such contract and/or perform any such work and charge the Tenant as Additional Rent hereunder the cost of same plus an administrative fee equal to fifteen percent (15%) of such cost which shall be paid for by Tenant on demand. Provided that Xxxxxx performs the referenced maintenance and repair of the Unit and enters into and maintains the above referenced service contract, Landlord shall be responsible for the cost of replacement, as necessary, of major components of the air-conditioning mechanical equipment (e.g., without limitation, the compressor and pumps), provided that any replacement are not necessitated by the negligence or willful misconduct of Tenant, its employees, representatives, servant or invitees, in which event Tenant shall be solely responsible for the cost and perfo...
Heating and Air Conditioning. Landlord shall provide heating and ---------------------------- air conditioning when necessary for normal comfort for normal office use in the Premises, as reasonably determined by Landlord, on Mondays through Fridays from 7 a.m. through 7 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. through 1 p.m. except for the dates of observation of New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and other locally or nationally recognized holidays ("Normal Business Hours").
Heating and Air Conditioning. When purchasing new cars and heavy equipment, heating and air conditioning will be provided, if available in the specification sheets. County originated specifications will include heating and air conditioning, if available.
Heating and Air Conditioning. The Landlord shall provide heating during winter months between 65 and 70 degrees. There is no air conditioning provided during summer months.
Heating and Air Conditioning. The Landlord shall provide heating between 65 and 70 degrees in winter months. There are window air conditioning units available at no addition cost by special request pro- vided during summer months. All bedrooms have either overhead ceiling fans for portable fans. By Signing Below, I agree to all terms, conditions and requirements of this Rental Agreement. I further agree to inform and enforce all rules relating to the use of the Premises with any persons that I permit on the Premises, and I agree that my credit card listed above or verbally provided to the Landlord may be charged in accordance with the terms of this Rental Agreement. I further represent that I have not made any changes to the typed lan- guage in this Rental Agreement without informing the Landlord of all such changes in writing at the time that it is delivered to the Landlord, and that if I have made any such changes without notifying Landlord, such changes will be of no force or effect. Tenant Agrees that by signing or typing Tenant’s name below and mailing, emailing or faxing this Rental Agreement to the Landlord’s agent at the addresses listed on page one of this Rental Agree- ment, Tenant agrees with all of the terms, conditions and requirements of this Rental Agreement. TENANT By: Print name here: Date: By: Print name here: Date: LANDLORD 000 Xxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxxx LLC By: Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxx ( Xxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx / Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx)
Heating and Air Conditioning. The House shall be adequately and efficiently heated and air-conditioned with equipment having at least the minimum specifications for the House as established by Load Calculations, Manual J, of the Air-Conditioning Contractors of America, current edition. The clothes dryer shall vent to the outside.