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Without Landlord s prior written consent, Tenant's use of electric current shall not exceed the capacity of the feeders to the Building or the risers or wiring installations, nor shall Tenant install or connect any computer, electronic data processing or other electrical equipment that in the aggregate causes Tenant's electrical usage to exceed five (5) watts per square foot. If Landlord determines that Tenant's electricxx xxage exceeds the aforesaid limit or otherwise exceeds the designed load capacity of the Building's electrical system or is in any way incompatible therewith, then Landlord shall have the right, as a condition to granting its consent, to make such modifications to the electrical system or other parts of the building or Leased Premises, or to require Tenant to make such modifications to the equipment to be installed or connected, as Landlord considers to be reasonably necessary before such equipment may be so installed or connected. The cost of any such modifications shall be borne by Tenant, who shall reimburse Landlord for the same (or any portion thereof paid by Landlord) as provided in this Section 6.02.
Without Landlord s prior written consent, Tenant shall not make or caused to be made any exterior, structural, electrical, ventilation, air conditioning or other types of alterations, any improvements, additions, changes or repairs in or to the Premises or the Building. As a condition to granting its consent, Landlord may impose reasonable requirements, including, without limitation, requirements as to the manner and time for the performance of any such work and the type and amount of insurance and bonds Tenant must acquire and maintain in connection therewith. In addition, at Landlord's option, Landlord shall have the right: to approve all plans and specifications relating to the work; to review the work of Tenant's architects and engineers and to control any construction or other activities being undertaken within the Building, with Landlord to be reimbursed for any costs incurred in connection with such review and/or control. All such alterations, improvements, additions, changes or repairs to the Premises shall be performed by Landlord or its designated contractors. Landlord, in connection with any alterations, additions, changes or repairs performed by Landlord or under its supervision, may assess upon Tenant a charge for Landlord's overhead costs and supervisory work, equal to ten percent (10%) of the Landlord's total costs of construction. Except as expressly provided herein, all alterations, improvements, additions, changes or repairs shall be paid for by Tenant at its sole expense, but shall become the property of Landlord and shall be surrendered with the Premises upon termination of this Lease; provided, however, that Landlord may, by written notice to Tenant as provided in Paragraph C of Section 11 of this Lease, require Tenant, at Tenant's sole cost and expense, to remove any or all improvements, alterations, additions or fixtures installed or made by Tenant on or to the Premises and to repair any damages to the Premises caused by such removal.
Without Landlord s prior written approval, Tenant shall use no method of heating or air conditioning other than that supplied by Landlord. Tenant shall not use or keep or permit to be used or kept any foul or noxious gas or substance in the premises.

Examples of Without Landlord in a sentence

  • Only Short-term Nonpaying Guests of Less Than one-week Are Permitted Without Landlord Authorization.

  • No development shall commence until a construction management plan, to include dust management and noise management, has been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority.

  • Without Landlord approval, Tenant shall not use or keep in the Premises any kerosene, gasoline or other inflammable or combustible fluid or material other than those limited quantities necessary for the operation or maintenance of office equipment.

  • In prostate cancer cells, Western blot analysis showed that angiotensin II can transactivate both HER1 and HER2 [40].

  • Without Landlord approval, Tenant will not cause or allow this Lease, or memorandum of Lease, to be recorded in the public Records of any county in Oklahoma.

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Without Landlord s prior written consent, Tenant shall not receive, store or otherwise allow any Hazardous Substance on the Premises. In the event of any release or presence of any Hazardous Substance on or about the Premises occurring on or after the Commencement Date of this Lease, Tenant agrees to immediately, fully and completely remove (and to dispose of such in accordance with applicable law) all of such Hazardous Substance from the Premises even if the quantity or concentration of such Hazardous Substance would not require remediation under the provisions of law. Tenant further agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Landlord, its employees, agents and contractors and Lender from and against any and all losses, claims, liabilities, damages, demands, fine, costs, and expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees) arising out of or resulting from any release or presence, during the term of this Sublease, of any Hazardous Substances on or about the Premises; the provisions of this sentence shall survive (and be enforceable thereafter) the termination or expiration of this Lease and the surrender of the Premises by Tenant. If Tenant becomes aware of the release or presence on the Premises of any Hazardous Substance, Tenant shall immediately advise Landlord of such release or presence, and Tenant further shall provide Landlord with copies of any reports, studies, recommendations or requirements received by Tenant from any third person including a governmental agency.
Without Landlord s prior written consent, no drapes or sunscreens of any nature shall be installed in the Premises and the sash doors, sashes, windows, glass doors, lights and skylights that reflect or admit light into the building shall not be covered or obstructed. Landlord shall have the right to specify the type of window coverings that may be installed, at Tenant's expense. Waste and excessive or unusual use of water shall not be allowed. Tenant shall not mark, drive nails, screw or drill into, paint, or in any way deface any surface or part of the building. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Tenant may hang pictures, blackboards, or similar objects, provided Tenant repairs and repints any nail or screw holes, and otherwise returns the premises to the condition required under the Lease and the expiration or earlier termination of the Lease Term. The expense of repairing any breakage, stoppage, or damage resulting from a violation of this rule shall be borne by Tenant.
Without Landlord s written consent, Tenant shall have no right under this Lease to put any improvements on the exterior of the Property, including the roof or exterior walls.
Without Landlord s consent (but with notice to Landlord), Tenant shall have the right to assign its rights under this Lease or to sublet all of the Premises to (a) any person or entity which is a parent, subsidiary, general partner, limited partner, member (or constituent owner of such general or limited partner) of Tenant or (b) any corporation or other entity into which or with which Tenant merges or consolidates. Additionally, without Landlord's consent (but with notice to Landlord), Tenant shall have the right to sell, assign or otherwise transfer all or a portion of any share of stock, partnership interests, limited liability company membership interests, or other ownership interests in Tenant resulting in a change in the effective control of Tenant (i) in connection with any public offering of stock in Tenant or (ii) by, between or among any partners, members, owners, limited partners or other persons or entities having an ownership interest in Tenant. Without Landlord's consent, Tenant shall have the right to assign its rights under this Lease or to sublet or license all or a portion of the Premises to any person or entity acquiring at least all or substantially all of the assets of Tenant operating under the same trade name of Tenant as of the date of such transfer, provided that in any such event, (i) if the transferee has a net worth equal to the lesser of the [***] as of the execution of the Lease or [***]. Tenant shall be relieved of all obligation or liability which arises under the Lease after the date of such assignment, or (ii) if the transferee does not have a net worth equal to lesser of the [***] as of the execution of the Lease or [***], Tenant shall remain liable for all obligation or liability which arises under the Lease after the date of such assignment. Any assignment under this paragraph shall require thirty (30) days prior written notice together with the following information: (i) the name, (ii) the financial and operating experience history, and (iii) any other information reasonably appropriate, concerning the proposed transferee and its officers, directors, owners and employees."
Without Landlord s prior written consent, Tenant shall not assign (by operation of law or otherwise), mortgage, pledge, encumber or otherwise transfer all or any of its interest under this Lease, sublet all or any part of the Premises or permit the Premises to be used or occupied by any party other than Tenant and its employees, .
Without Landlord s prior written consent, which shall not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed, Tenant shall not assign this Lease or sublease all or part of the Premises or mortgage, pledge or hypothecate Tenant's leasehold interest or grant any concession or license within the Premises. Any attempt to do any of the foregoing shall be void ab initio and of no force or effect. For purposes of this Section, a transfer of a controlling ownership interest in Tenant shall be deemed an assignment of this Lease unless such ownership interests are publicly traded on a nationally recognized stock exchange. No acceptance by Landlord of any Rent, or any other sum of money, from any assignee, subtenant or other transferee shall be deemed to constitute Landlord's consent to any assignment, sublease, mortgage, pledge, encumbrance or other transfer. Tenant acknowledges and agrees that any consent by Landlord pursuant to this Section shall not be deemed to be a consent to any subsequent assignment, sublease, mortgage, pledge, encumbrance or any other agreement or other action to which Landlord's consent is required.
Without Landlord s prior written consent, Tenant shall make no alteration of or addition to the Premises, including (without limitation) painting, wallpapering and carpeting. Landlord shall not unreasonably withhold such consent. 6.02 Should Landlord elect to give such consent, Tenant shall protect, indemnify and save Landlord harmless against: (a) any lien for labor or material furnished, or (b) any claim which any subcontractor, lesser of equipment, journeyman or laborer may have under law against an owner of real property for services, material or machinery, or (c) any liability for personal injury or damage to property associated in any way with any alteration or addition. 6.03 Landlord may also require Tenant to furnish security, insurance, or other assurance as Landlord may reasonably require to protect Landlord against the liens, claims and liabilities described in Subsection 6.02, and to assure that the work will be performed in a lawful and workmanlike manner and with proper materials. 6.04 Upon the termination of this Lease, or when Tenant abandons, quits or vacates the Premises, whichever shall first occur, any alteration or addition made pursuant to this Section shall become Landlord's property and shall remain upon the Premises, all without compensation, allowance or credit to Tenant. However, Tenant may remove any trade fixtures which Tenant has installed. Trade fixtures shall not include any items which are part of the mechanical systems on the Premises, such as, but not limited to, lighting fixtures, exit signs, humidifiers, air cleaners and smoke detectors. Tenant shall repair any damage to the Premises caused by Tenant or Tenant's agents in removing any property the reform.