Engines Sample Clauses

Engines. Lessee may return the Aircraft on the Return Occasion with an engine not owned by Lessor, so long as (i) such engine was not installed on the Aircraft solely for the purpose of reducing the number of hours or cycles (whichever is the more limiting factor) remaining until the next scheduled restriction in accordance with the Maintenance Program under which the Engines are maintained; (ii) such engine conforms to the requirements set forth in Section 11(b) hereof with respect to a Replacement Engine without regard to flight hours or cycles remaining on LLPs or time since heavy maintenance, except Lessor may in its discretion choose among the engines presented by Lessee as candidates for substitution; (iii) such engine shall conform to the return condition requirements set forth in Section 16(f) hereof; and (iv) Lessee, at its own expense and concurrently with such delivery, furnishes Lessor with a bill of sale, in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to Lessor, with respect to such engine and with evidence that Lessee is transferring full and unencumbered title to such engine (including, if requested, an opinion of Lessee's counsel to the effect of the opinion required by Section 11(b)(iv) hereof) and takes such other action as Lessor may reasonably request in order that title to such engine shall be duly and fully vested in Owner. Lessee's obligation to comply with the terms of this Section 16(c) shall be conditioned on Lessor's transferring, or causing to be transferred, to Lessee title to any Engine not installed on the Aircraft at the Return Occasion, without any representation, warranty or recourse of any kind whatsoever, express or implied, except a warranty that such Engine is free and clear of Liens, other than Liens which Lessee is required to discharge hereunder, or defects in title resulting from acts of Owner or Lessor.
Engines. Number of Hours Since Last Heavy Shop Visit: S/N :______ hours ----------- S/N :______ hours ----------- Number of Hours Since Last Hot Section Refurbishment: S/N :______ hours ----------- S/N :______ hours ----------- Number of Hours Since Last Cold Section Refurbishment: S/N :______ hours ----------- S/N :______ hours ----------- Hot Section Inspection: Interval: ___________________________ Time Since (S/N ): __________________________ -------------- Time Since (S/N ): __________________________ -------------- Time Remaining to First Restriction: Engine S/N: _ ------------------ Hours: __________ Restriction: __________ Cycles: __________ Restriction: __________ Engine S/N: _ ------------------ Hours: __________ Restriction: __________ Cycles: __________ Restriction: __________ Average Cycles in Life Limited Parts (see attached Schedule):________
Engines. So long as no Event of Default or Potential Event of Default has occurred and is continuing, Company may, upon not less than five (5) Business Days prior written notice to Administrative Agent, replace any Engine which is the subject of an Aircraft Chattel Mortgage with another engine (the "Replacement Engine") meeting the requirements of the applicable Aircraft Chattel Mortgage. In addition to the preceding sentence, any Replacement Engine shall be an engine that is the same or improved make and model as the Engine to be replaced, and that is suitable for installation and use on any Airframe, and that has a value, utility and remaining useful life (including with respect to hours and cycles remaining until overhaul) at least equal to the Engine to be replaced thereby. The Lenders agree to release the Lien created by the applicable Aircraft Chattel Mortgage for any Engine to be replaced by a Replacement Engine promptly upon (i) presentation by Company of documentation necessary to create a legal, valid and enforceable first priority security interest in and to the Replacement Engine, (ii) delivery to Administrative Agent of an opinion of Cahill Gordon & Reindel, or such other counsel as may be acceptable to Administrative Agent, confirming that Administrative Agent will continue to be entitled to the benefits of Section 1110 of the Bankruptcy Code with respect to such Replacement Engine free of all Liens (other than Permitted Encumbrances) and (iii) receipt of all other deliveries required by Section 4(f)(iii) of the applicable Aircraft Chattel Mortgage.
Engines. In the event an engine manufacturer changes its published pricing and enacts such changes after Aquasport has published its engine price list, Travis, after the effective date of such change, shall pay *
Engines. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary set forth in Sections 8.11(c) and (d) above, so long as no Default shall have occurred and be continuing, any Engine may remain installed on an aircraft other than the Aircraft, and any auxiliary power unit may remain installed on the Aircraft indefinitely during the Term; provided, however, (i) upon the occurrence of any Default, Lessee shall promptly, and in any case within sixty (60) days following the occurrence of such Default, cause each Engine to be re-installed on the Aircraft, or, at Lessee's election, cause any of the Engines to be replaced by a replacement Engine meeting the requirements of, and in accordance with, Section 8.11(b), and (ii) in any event Lessee shall cause such Engine to be either re-installed on the Aircraft or replaced by a replacement Engine meeting the requirements of, and in accordance with, Section 8.11(b) on or before the Expiry Date.
Engines. All fire engines shall be regularly and routinely staffed with one
Engines. The Engines covered by this Agreement are set forth on Exhibit B. During the term of this Agreement. GE shall [*****] of both Rate Per EFH and Supplemental Work Services for the Engines.