Independence Day Sample Clauses

Independence Day. 6. Labor Day
Independence Day. 18.1.8 Labor Day - observed on the first Monday in September
Independence Day. A driver education teacher shall receive regular driver education pay for the national holiday July 4 when this holiday is celebrated on the day that teacher is scheduled to work, provided that said driver education teacher works the day before and the day after the holiday. This provision shall not be applicable when July 4 occurs on Saturday.
Independence Day. 4. An additional day before or after Independence Day, as designated each year by the president 5. Labor Day
Independence Day. 10.1.7 Labor Day
Independence Day. 9.1.2 Labor Day
Independence Day. 14.2 If Good Friday is scheduled as a day of instruction, an alternative holiday will be designated for all eligible bargaining unit members to compensate for the adjustment in scheduling or, at the District's option, eligible bargaining unit members shall receive an additional day's pay.
Independence Day. 23.1.1 In addition to the above, any special non-recurring holiday declared by the President of the United States or the Governor of the State of Maine and observed by other City employees pursuant to order of the City Council of the City of Portland shall be allowed as an additional holiday.
Independence Day. Unit members in a paid status less than 221 days per year will receive 23 pay for all holidays so long as the unit member is in a paid status either the last working day before 24 the scheduled holiday or the first working day following the scheduled holiday.
Independence Day. C. Calamity Days