Heavy equipment definition

Heavy equipment means such construction machinery as backhoes, treaded tractors, dump trucks, and front-end loaders.
Heavy equipment means equipment, machinery, or vehicles that exert ground pressure in excess of eight (8) pounds per square inch.

Examples of Heavy equipment in a sentence

  • Heavy equipment, machinery, and vehicles utilized at the project area would meet all Federal, State, and local noise requirements.

  • Heavy equipment may be operated, and electrical circuits may be live.

  • Heavy equipment shall mean commercial, industrial, or agricultural vehicles, equipment, or machinery.

  • Heavy equipment will not be allowed to travel across existing paved roadways unless rubber tires or other adequate protection such as heavy planking protects such roadway.

  • Heavy equipment operators shall avoid damaging existing tree trunks and roots.

More Definitions of Heavy equipment

Heavy equipment means self-propelled, self-powered, or pull-type equipment, including farm equipment or a diesel engine, that weighs at least 1,500 pounds and is intended to be used for agricultural, construction, industrial, maritime, mining, or forestry uses. The term does not include a motor vehicle that is required by:
Heavy equipment means self-propelled, self-powered or pull-type equipment and machinery, including engines, weighing 5000 pounds or more, primarily employed for construction, industrial, maritime, mining and forestry uses, as such terms are commonly used and understood as a usage of trade in accordance with §8.1-205 (2). The term "heavy equipment" shall not include (i) motor vehicles requiring registration and certificates of title in accordance with § 46.2-600, (ii) farm machinery, equipment and implements sold or leased pursuant to dealer agreements with suppliers subject to the provisions of Chapter 27 27.1 (§ 59.1-344 59.1-352.1 et seq.) of this title, or (iii) equipment that is "consumer goods" within the meaning of § 8.9A-102.
Heavy equipment means backhoes and excavators. “Nighttime” means the hours between 10:00 pm and 7:00 am.
Heavy equipment means such construction machinery as backhoes, treaded
Heavy equipment means crawler tractors, skidders, excavators or other suitable mechanized fire fighting equipment.
Heavy equipment means earthmoving, construction, or industrial equipment that is mobile, weighs at least 1,500 pounds, and is either:
Heavy equipment means any heavy equipment, generally motorized, used to perform work; (machinerie lourde)