Method of Sample Clauses

Method of. EVALUATION Using the data compiled during the grant, the Grant Director will complete theFinal Evaluation” section in the fourth/final Quarterly Performance Report (QPR). The Final Evaluation should provide a brief summary of the grant’s accomplishments, challenges and significant activities. This narrative should also include whether goals and objectives were met, exceeded, or an explanation of why objectives were not completed.
Method of. Subject to this Agreement and the Plan, you may exercise the Option (and only to Exercise and the extent such Option is vested and exercisable) by providing a written notice Payment for (or notice through another previously approved method, which could include a Shares voice- or e-mail system) to the Secretary of the Company, an Assistant Secretary of the Company designated by the Administrator or to whomever the Administrator designates, on or before the date the Option expires. Each such notice must satisfy whatever procedures then apply to the Option and must contain such representations (statements from you about your situation) as the Company requires. You must, at the same time, pay the Exercise Price using one or more of the methods described below. Please note that until the Company notifies you otherwise, or unless you indicate otherwise on your notice of option exercise, all exercises of the Option will be done on a “Net Exercise” basis, which is the preferred method under the Plan. Net Exercise The Company delivers the number of shares to you that equals the number of Option Shares for which the Option was exercised, reduced by the number of whole shares of common stock with a Fair Market Value on the date of exercise equal to the Exercise Price and the minimum tax withholding required by law; to the extent the combined value of the whole shares of common stock, valued at their Fair Market Value on the date of exercise, is not sufficient to equal the Exercise Price and minimum tax withholding obligation, the Company will withhold the additional amount from your next pay check, or if you are not employed by the Company, you must pay the additional amount in cash to the Company before delivery of the shares will be made to you; Cashless an approved cashless exercise method, including directing Exercise the Company to send the stock certificates (or other acceptable evidence of ownership) to be issued under the Option to a licensed broker acceptable to the Company as your agent in exchange for the broker’s tendering to the Company cash (or acceptable cash equivalents) equal to the Exercise Price and any required tax withholdings (at the minimum required level); or Cash/Check cash, a cashier’s or certified check in the amount of the Exercise Price, and any required tax withholdings, payable to the order of the Company.
Method of. In all cases of transfer, promotion and demotion, the following factors shall be considered:
Method of. Conveyance The sale, transfer, conveyance and assignment by the Seller of the Assets to the Purchaser substantially in accordance with Section 1.1 hereto shall be effected on the Closing Date (as hereinafter defined) by the Seller's execution and delivery to the Purchaser of the Xxxx of Sale in the form attached hereto as Exhibit A (the "Xxxx of Sale"). At the Closing, all of the Purchased Assets shall be transferred by the Seller to the Purchaser free and clear of any and all liens, encumbrances, mortgages, security interests, pledges, claims, equities and other restrictions or charges of any kind or nature whatsoever except as set forth in this Agreement.
Method of. Payment - Unless alternate arrangements are agreed to by the parties, salary payments will be made on a regular basis of the entire school year on the same schedule as for full-time teachers. Seniority - Each sharing teacher shall accumulate one (1) full year of seniority for each year of participation in a shared teaching arrangement. Pension - Each sharing teacher shall receive credit for pension purposes for ninety seven and one-half (97 ½) days for each year of participation in a shared teaching arrangement. Parent Visitation - Both teachers in a shared teaching arrangement shall be present for Parent Visitation sessions. If school time is involved for Parent Visitation, only the teacher regularly schedule for duty shall be paid. In Service Days - When in Service is held, only the teacher who is regularly scheduled for duty must attend and only that teacher shall be paid. The other teacher is encouraged to attend.
Method of a) In filling posted vacancies, in pay band and above, the Employer will consider the relevant qualifications, experience, knowledge, skill and ability of the applicants to perform the normal required work. Where these are relatively equal, seniority will govern. In filling posted vacancies, in pay band and below, the Employer will appoint the senior applicant who holds at least the minimum requirements as set out in the posting. If the position is not filled as a result of the posting the Employer reserves the right to hire. Notice of new jobs or vacancies will contain the following information: Job Title Location of the job Qualifications Required knowledge, skills and ability Hours of work Wage rate Commencement date Application requirements Closing date
Method of. Such leave of absence under Xxxxxx and shall be made on the appropriate forms to the personnel officer through the department head concerned at least four (4) weeks in advance of the proposed start of such leave of absence. Duty Any full-time employee who is required to report for jury duty or who is required to appear as a Crown witness on a day on which the employee would normally have worked, will be reimbursed by the Employer for the difference between the pay received for jury or witness duty at the employee's regular straight time hourly rate of pay for the employee's regularly scheduled hours of work. It is understood that such reimbursement shall not be for hours in excess of eight (8) hours per day or forty (40) hours per week, less pay received for jury or witness duty. employee will be required to furnish proof of jury or witness service and jury duty or witness pay received. Hours paid for jury or witness duty will be counted as hours worked for the purpose of qualifying for vacations and for recognized paid holidays, but will not be counted as District Xxxxxx Local December hours worked for the purpose of computing overtime.
Method of. Measurement
Method of. Please liquidate OR Transfer in kind Please be sure to contact the resigning Trustee/Custodian for its specific requirements, such as initiating manual liquidation prior to transfer or obtaining a Medallion Guarantee on this Transfer Form. Transfer