Definition of Power Supply

Power Supply means the electrical power supply to the Building; and
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This section shall not apply to and shall not excuse failures to perform to the extent such failures would not have occurred had the Agent (1) provided reasonable maintenance of equipment and installed and maintained an "Uninterrupted Power Supply" or "UPS" facility unless such UPS facility fails, is insufficient or is damaged through no fault of the Agent or (2) made and implemented Modifications as contemplated in this Agreement.
The Power Supply Division is the primary point of contact between RUS and its electric power supply borrowers.
A distribution borrower should consult with its assigned RUS general field representative, and a power supply borrower with the Director, Power Supply Division for general information prior to submitting the request.
Unless otherwise indicated, all terms used in defining ODSC and OTIER are as defined in RUS Bulletin 1717B-2 Instructions for the Preparation of the Financial and Statistical Report for Electric Distribution Borrowers, and RUS Bulletin 1717B-3 Instructions for the Preparation of the Operating Report for Power Supply Borrowers and for Distribution Borrowers with Generating Facilities, or the successors to these bulletins.
Power supply borrower means a Power Supply Borrower as defined inCFR 1710.2. Regulatory created assets means the sum of the amounts properly recordable in Account 182.2 Unrecovered Plant and Regulatory Study Costs, and Account 182.3 Other Regulatory Assets of the Uniform System of Accounts.