Power supply definition

Power supply means the component that supplies power to the AECD.
Power supply means the component(s) that supplies power to the AECC, AECD or AECS.
Power supply means back-up battery when fitted, or in its absence, any power source feeding the AECD after the sled-test defined in Annex 7.

Examples of Power supply in a sentence

  • Power supply and Meter space – Adequate power supply to be arrange and Meter space duly covered to be provided.

More Definitions of Power supply

Power supply means any energy source feeding the drive motor of a conveyor belt installation.
Power supply means the electrical power provided by ROOT to the Customer as part of the Service.
Power supply means any device intended to convert line voltage alternating current to one or more lower voltages of direct current.
Power supply means the electrical power measured in Kilo Volt Ampere (KVA) supplied by stc to the Communication Equipment as determined in the Order Form.
Power supply means an electrical power supply system for a Pump Station in
Power supply means a module designed for insertion into a power supply bay in a Chassis and which supplies electrical power to Blades, Switch Modules, Management Modules, Cooling Fans and other components housed in a Chassis.