Air Conditioning Units Sample Clauses

Air Conditioning Units. CCNM provides a limited number of window air conditioning units throughout the residence. If you have an air conditioning unit in your room, there is a usage fee from May 1 – September 1. This fee is to recover the costs associated with running the air conditioning and is revised annually. CCNM reserves the right to ask you to change to another room or to remove the AC unit from your room if you are not using it. If a resident is found to have placed their own air conditioning unit in their room, you will have 24 hours to remove the unit and repair any damages that resulted from the installation and a fine of $100 will be levied and withdrawn from your damage deposit. Continued use of the non-CCNM supplied air conditioning unit may result in eviction. Residents are advised that as a Naturopathic College we strive to be energy efficient, as such, we ask that resident turn of their air conditioning when leaving their room for extended amounts of time.
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Air Conditioning Units. This clause applies if the Goods comprise Air-Conditioning Units known as "Split or Window Systems" but excludes "portable units".
Air Conditioning Units. Air conditioning is available in all units except for single-family, scattered site homes. If you wish to use the air conditioning, there is a small monthly fee to do so. These fees are listed on the separate schedule of charges list according to property.
Air Conditioning Units. Dust entire unit. Wash and dry filters or replace if very dirty.
Air Conditioning Units. Except as may be permitted by the Board or its designee, no window air conditioning unit shall be installed in any residence located on a Lot.
Air Conditioning Units. The Landlord shall, at its sole cost, supply and install “Liebert” Air conditioning units similar and in replacement of the existing units. The parties agree that all other terms, conditions and obligations foreseen in the Lease Agreement, which have not been modified and/or annulled by Addendum No. 1 and Addendum No. 2 will continue to have force of law between them. Initials Tenant Landlord
Air Conditioning Units. Many, but not all, of our College Housing units come equipped with air conditioning. Student is not permitted to bring their own air conditioning units unless expressly for medical reasons approved in advance by the Assistant Xxxx of Students for Disability Services & Academic Success or their designee.
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Air Conditioning Units. 6.1 The Tenant shall have the following right in relation to the Air Conditioning Units:-
Air Conditioning Units. The Owner at its own expense shall provide air conditioning units. The Owner shall provide esthetic shielding and locate said shielding to the satisfaction of the Municipality.
Air Conditioning Units. Tenant shall notify manager in writing of their intent to use an air conditioner so the manager may ensure that the unit will be properly installed. Installation of the air conditioning unit shall be approved by the manager. A fee of $60.00 per air conditioner shall be charged for each month the air conditioner unit or hoses are present in the window to cover increased utility usage.
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