Grievance Arbitration Sample Clauses

Grievance Arbitration a. Final and binding arbitration may be initiated by serving upon the Chief of Police and City Labor Negotiator a notice in writing of an intent to proceed to final and binding arbitration within 30 days of receipt of the second step answer. Said notice shall identify the grievance and the employees involved.
Grievance Arbitration. 47.01 Within seven (7) days following receipt of notification pursuant to Article 46.02(d) or 46.03(c) that a grievance has been referred to an Arbitration Board, the Employer shall advise the Union of its appointee to the Arbitration Board. The appointees shall, within seven (7) days, endeavor to select a mutually acceptable chairman of the Arbitration Board. If they fail to agree, the Minister of Employment and Immigration shall be requested to appoint a Chairman, or a single arbitrator, pursuant to the Code.
Grievance Arbitration. 12.01 Unless the parties otherwise agree, the provisions of Section 107 of the Trade Union Act shall apply.
Grievance Arbitration. 36.6.1 OC and the Association shall select an arbitrator by mutual agreement. This selection process shall take place within 15 working days of the declared intention to institute arbitration procedures. This period may be extended by mutual agreement. If the parties fail to agree on an arbitrator, either party may apply for the appointment of an arbitrator pursuant to the relevant provision of the Labour Relations Code.
Grievance Arbitration. The Parties agree that the Association shall have the right pursuant to the Grievance and Arbitration provisions of Article 15 to assert a claim that the Hospital’s administration of the Substance Abuse Policy in the testing of any nurse is arbitrary, capricious, or discriminatory.
Grievance Arbitration. Upon receipt by the College of the Association's notice of arbitration, the College and the Association shall jointly request the American Arbitration Association to provide a list of arbitrators from which the parties will select an arbitrator. The selection of the arbitrator shall be in accordance with the rules and procedures of the American Arbitration Association. Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, the rules of the American Arbitration Association shall apply to an arbitration conducted under this Article III.