Financial Accounting Sample Clauses

Financial Accounting. Borrower shall keep the books and accounts of the operation of the Mortgaged Property in accordance with Program Obligations. Financial records of Borrower and the Project shall be complete, accurate and current at all times. Posting must be made at least monthly to the ledger accounts, and year-end adjusting entries must be posted promptly in accordance with sound accounting principles. All expenditures in connection with the Project must be fully documented so as to provide reasonable assurance to all persons or entities that review such expenditures that such expenditures are permitted under Program Obligations. Undocumented expenses shall not be considered Reasonable Operating Expenses.
Financial Accounting. Each Member may report the transactions contemplated hereby for financial accounting purposes in such manner as the Member and its accountants may determine appropriate.
Financial Accounting. Issuance, control and accounting for disbursements for general expenses; - Day-to-day management of short term cash; - Provide reasonable and customary financial management reports.
Financial Accounting. The AFP must ensure that the Funding is recorded in a manner that readily and accurately identifies funds received and spent for the purpose of this program. This could include a separate bank account or costing structure within the financial accounts.
Financial Accounting. The Grantee will treat the grant amount as a restricted asset and will keep adequate financial records to document the expenditure of the grant funds and the activities supported by the grant. The Grantee agrees to make available to the Xxxxxxxx Foundation, at reasonable times and upon advance notice, the financial records related to the activities supported by the grant.
Financial Accounting. The Company shall process bi- weekly and special payroll checks and shall prepare and file related bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual payroll tax returns for Ansan. Ansan shall use the Company's accounts payable system for processing vendor invoices and check requests and the Company shall process payments of accounts payable based upon the due dates Ansan provides in the Company's accounts payable system. The Company shall maintain the general ledger for Ansan and issue financial statements as necessary. The Company shall review tax computations and prepare for Ansan tax filings for excise tax, property tax and sales tax, income tax, franchise tax and business licenses. Ansan hereby authorizes and appoints the Company as its attorney-in-fact solely for the purpose of filing any necessary returns or filings required to be filed by Ansan pursuant to this Agreement. Ansan shall, no later than two (2) days prior to the due date for any tax payment, excluding payroll taxes, fund the amount of the tax liability previously communicated in writing to Ansan by the Company. Ansan shall use the Company's software to process routing, billing and records, and the Company shall provide related support as needed.
Financial Accounting. Following the expiration or earlier termination of this Agreement, by virtue of the termination of this Agreement by Owner for cause or otherwise, Manager shall nonetheless be responsible for preparing a final accounting within sixty (60) days of said expiration or earlier termination. Such final accounting shall set forth all current income, all current expenses and all other expenses contracted for on Owner’s behalf but not yet incurred in connection with the Property. The final accounting shall also include all other items reasonably requested by Owner.
Financial Accounting. All financial records of the Developer pertaining to this Amended Agreement shall be maintained according to generally accepted accounting principles. A separate project will be created in the accounting records to account for the Project costs. The financial records shall enable ready identification of all Project costs. The County shall have the right to audit or verify the amount and accuracy of Project costs and Project documentation throughout the term of this Amended Agreement and for five (5) years subsequent, and shall have access to any and all records, documents, or correspondence related to this Project.
Financial Accounting. Major activities and costs associated with this corporate center include: - Preparation of internal and external financial reports. - Financial analysis of the results of operations. - External audit fees. - Consulting fees relating to financial accounting issues. - SEC compliance reporting. - Accounting support of financing activities. - Accounting support for various strategic planning initiatives. - Financial projections and quarterly performance reviews. - Accounting support on business unit capital projects, acquisitions, etc. - Support Board of Directors Audit Committee