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Mobile Application means an application on a mobile phone or other device through which an individual is able to place an internet sports betting wager.
Mobile Application means an application on a mobile phone or other

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The channels we use to communicate with these constituencies include:• Advertising;• Direct e-mail;• Free and evaluation software;• Industry awards;• Industry events;• Media coverage;• Mobile application downloads;• Our website;• Social media;• Strategic partners;• User conferences; and• Word of mouth and peer references.

Through which Channels the Customer Segments could be reached?For end user customer segment:• Web site• Mobile application For Mobile service providers there are APIs to interact with the platform.

Mobile application (Physician MWS) installed into the smartphone of the obstetrician-gynecologist who manages this patient.

Mobile application developers must embed the OAuth2 credentials into their mobile apps, and because those mobile devices can be “rooted”, these credentials can be stolen.

In [21], the authors proposed Wide and Deep learning model for Mobile application recom- mendation1.

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Mobile Application means an application or a computer program designed to run on a smartphone, tablet computer, or other mobile device that is used by a TNC to connect drivers with potential passengers;
Mobile Application. : means the Ecostruxure IT mobile software application that provides the functions described or referred to in these Terms of Use, as published and made available by Schneider Electric or its Affiliates for download from applicationsstores proprietary to Schneider Electric or officially authorized third-party applications’ stores. A reference to the Mobile Application in these Terms of Use will be deemed to include a reference to the Contents, the software programs, the programming and navigation tools, the data bases, the Documentation and any other structural components of the Mobile Application, as well as any updates and upgrades thereto that may be provided by Schneider Electric in its sole discretion.
Mobile Application means a mobile or tablet website or application.
Mobile Application means an application or a computer program designed to
Mobile Application means an application software designed to run on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet computer.
Mobile Application. Any display of IDX data authorized by MLS Policies and listed on the signature page below that is not a web site. MLS Data: Data relating to real estate for sale, previously sold, or listed for sale, and to MLS Participants (including text, photographs, and all other data formats now known or hereafter invented) entered into MLS’s databases by MLS Participants and MLS, or on their behalf. MLS Policies: MLS’s Rules and Regulations, as amended from time to time, and any operating policies promulgated by MLS.
Mobile Application means any interactive platform for use through the Internet, mobile device, or computer, which has been approved by the Virginia Lottery Board for operation of sports betting by a permit holder.